The Best Tires for Acura TL (Reviews & Comparison)

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Acura TL was introduced in 1995 and it was replaced the Acura Vigor. It is an executive sedan car manufactured by Acura. TL was the bestselling model of Acura and it was ranked as the second best-selling luxury sedan in the United States in 2005.

Acura TL offers great horsepower and torque, and you will get a comfortable ride with this car. If you own Acura TL then you need to maintain this car and you must change the tires on time. Choosing the best tires for Acura TL is a daunting task and you need to check the size of the tire before you buy. You can choose the tires having following specifications:

  • 235/45R17
  • 245/50R17
  • 235/40R18
  • 245/45R18
  • 245/40R19

If you need a tire for all-season, then choose the Michelin Pilot Sport A.S plus, Continental ExtremeContact DWS06, Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus, General G-Max AS-05, or Nitto Motivo.

These tires have good traction level and you can use them even in light snow. Acura TL tires are available in three categories such as all-season tires, touring tires and summer tires. So, you can choose the best one according to your requirement. Here, is a list of some of the best tires for Acura TL along with their pros and cons.

Note: Before buying, make sure you are choosing the correct tire size. You can check that on your car’s wheels. Here is a guide showing you how to find your tire size.

The 5 Best Tires For Acura TL

5. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

If you are looking for an all-season tire for your Acura TL car then you can choose this Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+. These tires are infused with higher amounts of silica and they are designed with asymmetric tread pattern. These tires are equipped with Michelin’s Variable Contact Patch 3.0, and they are good in reducing the heat dissipation and increase the cornering grip. The unique biting edges in tread grooves provide 28% better traction on snow surfaces than other tires.

You can use these tires for both wet and dry road surfaces, and these tires are available in different sizes ranging from 16-20 inches. Choose the size as per your car model. Michelin offer 45K mile tread warranty. This is best suitable for sports car, coupes and sedans. This is one of the best tires for Acura TL.


  • Can be used on wet and dry surfaces
  • Well responsive and best cornering performance
  • Better stability on highway
  • 45K-mile tread warranty
  • Longer treadlife


  • These tires are not shock resistant

4. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Tire

The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is an all-season touring tire. You can use it for your Acura TL car, and the lower rolling resistance of this tire helps to save your fuel consumption cost. Bridgestone tires are designed with NanoPro tread technology and infused with silica, black carbon and polymers. These features help to increase the traction while reducing the friction and energy loss. Noise cancellation grooves on these tires reduce the road noise and central rib provides better braking and acceleration performance. So, you can consider these tires as the most quiet tires.

You can use these tires on both wet and dry surfaces. The three circumferential grooves combine with lateral grooves on these tires to help you control your car on such surfaces. These tires can be used even on light snow because they are designed with 3-D Sub-Surface patterns. The tire is constructed with nylon reinforced two steel belts that provide added strength and durability. The polyester cord body provides comfortable ride and enhanced stability. These tires are available in various sizes (15-19 inches) in H, V or W speed ratings and Bridgestone offers up to 80,000-mile tread guarantee. It is best suitable for all types of sedans, minivans and crossovers.


  • 80,000-mile tread guarantee
  • You can use it on dry and wet surfaces
  • Designed with 3-D Sub-Surface patterns
  • Infused with silica, black carbon and polymers


  • You cannot use it in deep snow

3. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tire 

Cooper CS5 Ultra is one of the best tires for Acura TL. These tires are infused with 4 times more silica than other tires to provide better grip on dry and wet road surfaces. These tires can be used even on snow covered streets and 3D micro gauge grooves are there to provide added stability and traction while cornering and handling.

These tires are designed with StabilEdge technology that ensures steering is responsive and consistent. The Ford Fusion is one of the cars that has the smoothest steering out there, so combining these tires with the Ford Fusion would be a great move.

These tires are equipped with Wear Square technology that is a visual indicator to keep a check on how many miles of treads are left on the tire. With asymmetric tread design, you can easily corner your car. These tires are available in different sizes (15-19 inches) in H, V and W speed ratings. Cooper CS5 Ultra comes with 60,000-mile tread warranty.


  • Impressive performance on dry and wet conditions
  • Comfortable and stable ride
  • Affordable
  • 60,000-mile tread warranty
  • Designed with Wear Square technology


  • You cannot use this tire in deep snow

Ice and wet performance is not up to the mark

2. Continental PureContact Tire 

PureContact released their Continental Tire for Acura TL in 2012. These are the heavy-duty tires that increase the fuel efficiency. These tires are designed with polymer treads to provide better tread wear over time. These tires come with tuned performance indicators on them that give you an idea about current tread wearing. For example, you will find three letters on these tires as treads such as W, D, and S. These are the indicators of wet, dry and snow. If you find that S or snow letter has worn off, that means you no longer can use the tire on snow covered road.

These tires are designed with ComfortRide technology which is an added cushioning layer. This added cushioning layer of rubber helps to absorb driving shocks and pavement bumps. This prevents you from experiencing any vibration inside the car and get a comfortable ride. Plus, joint less polyamide construction with two steel belts is what makes these tires durable and provide better stability on the road. Available in various sizes (15-18 inches) in H or V speed ratings, these tires come with 70,000-mile tread guarantee.


  • 70,000-mile tread guarantee
  • You can use it on dry, wet and snow surfaces
  • Designed with tread indicator
  • Shock absorption capacity
  • It can save your fuel consumption cost


  • Expensive than other Acura TL tires

1. Dunlop Direzza DZ102 Tire 

Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tire is one of the best tires for Acura TL and are best to use in summers. These tires are designed with silica and carbon black tread so that they provide good traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Wider shoulder blocks and three central ribs provide enhanced steering and tight cornering performance. The wide circumferential grooves of these tires evacuates more water from your paved surface and lowers the risk of hydroplaning. But you cannot use these tires during winter season.

These can also be a great tire option for the Acura MDX.

The internal constructions of these tires are made of duel steel belts with a polyamide cord for added shock absorption, improved handling and response. Dunlop’s Jointless Band technology helps to reduce the tread wear so that you can use these tires for years to come. These tires are available in different sizes that ranges from 10 to 22 inches in V or W speed ratings.


  • Best tires for summer
  • Affordable
  • Excellent grip on wet and dry road surfaces
  • Designed with silica and carbon black tread


  • Not suitable for winter

Things to Consider Before Buying Tires for Acura TL

Honda Motor Company introduced the Acura in 1986 as a luxury car brand in the US. Later they launched Acura TL model that suffered from several consumer complaints from 2003 onwards. Honda again launched their new version of Acura TL with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS) in 2008. They added some new features in their Acura TL model that made it possible to gain a huge popularity in the Western World.

If you have an Acura TL then you can check the tire pressure by its TMPS. If you find any issue in your tires then you need to change them with compatible tires because Honda does not manufacture tires for their cars. You can search online for the best tires for Acura TL and choose the best one. But, before you choose a tire, you need to consider the following factors:

Tube or Tubeless

You will find both tube and tubeless tires for Acura TL but you must go for tubeless tires. They are much safer than tube tires and you do not need alloy wheels to install tubeless tires. Acura TL wheels are designed with steel wheels and they are completely rust-free. So, you can easily install tubeless tires in your Acura TL.


While choosing best tires for Acura TL, you must check size of the tires. Most of the tires are available in standard sizes such as 15-18 inches and you can choose the right size for your car. For buying the right size tire, you must how to read its size that is normally mentioned on the sidewall of a tire.

You will find all tire details such as tread width, diameter of wheel, load index, speed rating of tire, etc. For example, 235/45 R17 87V means 235mm is the tread width of tire, 45 is the Aspect-Ratio, R means radial construction of tire, 17 inches refers to the diameter of the wheel, 87 refers to load index of the tire and V means speed rating. So, check these details and choose the right tire size for your Acura TL.

Apart from this, you must check the rim size of the tire. If your car has a large rim, then it will decrease the height of the sidewall and you might face some problems while cornering the car. So, you must check the rim size of the tire and verify the same from your car manual.

Tread Width

This is the most important feature of a car tire. You should check the tread width of the tire carefully because it is related to your comfort and safety. If you are going to use car on dry and wet surfaces, then you need to choose semi-closed treads because they have higher traction level.

On the other hand, these tires cannot be used on snow covered roads and you need to choose the wider tread tires for the same. In this case, you can choose the best tires for Acura TL that is designed for all-seasons. You can use these tires on dry, wet and snow surfaces.

Apart from this, tread also saves your fuel consumption cost. So, check the tread blocks of your tires and choose the best one according to your needs. There are three types of tread blocks available such as conventional tread, uni-directional tread and asymmetric tread.

If you want to use your car on wet surfaces then choose conventional tread. Uni-directional treads get rotated in a single direction and you cannot use them on rough terrain. It is better to choose tires with asymmetric treads as these tires have outside and inside sidewalls that allows you to use them on all surfaces.


Tires are made of polyamide, rubber and silica. You will find some tires for Acura TL that are infused with silica and you can use them to have better grip on highway. Plus, added layers of rubber provide you a comfortable ride as they absorb the driving shocks. If you want to reduce the road noise, then you must choose the best tires for Acura TL with infused silica and extra layers of rubber. Tires made of high-quality materials provide high level of traction and speed rating, and you can install them in your Acura TL to get a comfortable ride.


Most of the tires come with limited warranty. You will find all such details on their sidewall. To avail the warranty, you need to check their manufacturing date and read their terms and conditions before you buy.

Choose the tires for your Acura TL according to the weather condition of your region as there are different tires for different weather conditions. For example, if you live in a coastal area then choose a summer tire for your car; else choose all-season tires for Acura TL.


There are some tires that are designed with wear-indicators. You can check these indicators to maintain your tires. Plus, you need to check their internal construction to see if they are designed with duel steel tubes or plates.

This article has enlisted some of the best tires for Acura TL and you can go through it to choose the best one. If you do not have any idea, then ask for the help from an expert. So, search online for the best tires for Acura TL and choose the one that has better stability, durability and heavy-duty tread.