Best Tires For BMW X5

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As a BMW X5 owner and as a fan of reviewing tires, i was able to test out more than 10 different tire models. According to my tests, i can say that the Yokohama Advan Sport A/S was the best overall option. If you are after performance though, i’d go with the Michelin Latitude Sport 3.

BMW is one of the best and most luxurious cars we have today. It represents class and social status. According to statistics, there is a vast number of BMW car owners, and the numbers are expected to rise in the coming years.

The performance of the car is to be admired, and the accessories are widely available.

However, there has been an issue with people not able to find the right tires for their BMW X5. Most of them sent me requests asking me to recommend them better tires for their cars. I took this challenge and decided to review some of the best tires we have today.

My research focused on the quality of the tires, the prices of the tire, and above all, the durability of these tires.

I bought these tires and decided to test them and write a review based on my experience with them. I hope this article will be of use to you.

Best Quiet TIres
Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S
Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S
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Best Sports Tires
MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3
MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3
Check Price On Amazon
Best Handling
Continental Extreme Contact DWS06
Continental Extreme Contact DWS06
Check Price On Amazon
Best For Snow/Ice
Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3
Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3
Check Price On Amazon
Best Budget Option
Cooper Discoverer SRX
Cooper Discoverer SRX
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Note: Before buying, make sure you are choosing the correct tire size. You can check that on your car’s wheels. Here is a guide showing you how to find your tire size.

The 8 Best Tires For BMW X5

8. Michelin Diamaris 4×4

No one can deny that Michelin is a world leader in producing better quality tires. The Michelin Diamaris 4×4 is an excellent example of their excellent work. It’s made with the best technology that ensures that tire performs at its highest level.

The response and the general performance of this tire are dependent on advanced tread engineering. The circumferential groove combines with the continuous center rib to eliminate water from below the tire, which in return reduces the risks of hydroplaning.

The tire offers little rotation resistance, making it ideal for conserving fuel. The BAZ Technology is used to enhance the performance of the tire and make it responsive to steering.

The tire has uniform treads which have improved the traction giving it better short braking and cornering abilities.

Michelin has confidence in their product, and that’s why they are giving it a 25,000-mile warranty.

The first time I’ve used these tires was back in 2018, and i tested these tires with a Jeep Liberty. Ever since then, I’ve been testing them with many different cars, because i found them to be very versatile.

7. Michelin Latitude Sport 3

The ultra-high performance tire is considered to be among the best Michelin has produced. It incorporates the best technology, which makes it an all-weather tire. The tire is best used by the SUVs and crossovers.

The asymmetric tread design combined with high amounts of silica gives this tire better traction on wet and snow-covered roads. The tire siping has played a huge role in reducing the rotation resistance, which is better for fuel economy.

The circumferential groove works together with the tread patterns to eliminate water under the tire, which in return gives the tire better traction on the wet roads.

The twin steel belts inside the tire give it additional strength and durability.

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 has an even tread wear, and a long tread life.

The company has offered a 60,000-mile warranty on this specific tire.

The performance of this tire was very impressive to me, and I would recommend it to anyone.

6. Nokian ZLine A/S

When you talk about high-performance tires, there is no way you won’t mention the Nokian ZLine tire. It is built with safety and performance in mind. The tire has excellent traction and can be used on any surface.

The advanced Dynamic Traction Boost Tread Compound helps to boost the tread traction and gives it the ability to make short stops and improve on their cornering.

The Cooling Edge technology is responsible for the improved cornering, handling, and steering of the tire which makes it stand out from the rest.

The circumferential groove helps to get rid of the water under the tire, which helps to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. This gives it more traction on wet surfaces. The 3-D sipes give it the biting edge, which allows you to use it on a snow-covered surface.

The two steel belts give it durability and added strength, which makes it better for any weather and gives it a longer lifespan.

The Silent Groove technology helps to reduce the road noise which provides a comfortable ride on any road.

The company offers a 50,000-mile warranty to their clients after they purchase this tire.

5. Pirelli Winter SottoZero 3

There is no doubt that Pirelli is one of the best tire manufacturers that we have today. It has been producing the best tires, and the Winter SottoZero 3 is one of them. The ultra-high performance tire is better suited for SUVs and muscle cars.

Drivers no longer have to worry about driving in winter since the 3-D sipe technology gives it better traction on this surface. The circumferential groove and longitudinal grooves help to eliminate water from beneath the tire, which reduces any risks of hydroplaning.

The asymmetric tread pattern works together with the siping technology to make sure that you get better traction and handling. You can experience the best when you use this tire during summer.

The two steel belts inside the tire that are covered by nylon give it added strength and durability.

My experience with this tire was, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a high-performance tire.

When you buy this tire, you get a 60,000-mile warranty, which shows how much faith the company has in its products.

4. Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Continental has been gaining ground as one of the reliable tire manufacturers in the market. Their products have been impressive, and many people have been impressed with their performances.

The ExtremeContact Sport was meant to replace the ExtremeContact DW, which it did in a fashionable way. The new ExtremeContact Sport is equipped with technology that enhances its performance and gives it more strength.

You can now use this tire on any surface since the rib asymmetric tread pattern works with the +Silane technology to give the tire more traction and better handling on these surfaces.

The company’s SportPlus Technology combines well with the continuous center rib, and the tread blocks to give it steering response and cornering that you should expect from such a tire.

The traction on wet surfaces has been improved due to the circumferential groove which works with the +Silane compound to give it traction and better handling on this surface. The best thing about this groove is that it reduces the risk of hydroplaning, and enables you to enjoy a comfortable ride.

The steel belts inside the tire are responsible for the added strength and durability. The tire has the QuickView Performance Indicators which help to show the wear status of the tire.

The company offers a 65,000-mile warranty when you purchase this tire.

3. Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G052

There is no way that we can mention better BMW tires without mentioning the Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G052. This tire was meant for the SUVs, vans, and crossovers.

The tire has addressed the issue of dry surface traction by making sure that the directional tread patterns work together with the all-season tread compound. The rounded shoulders and the larger tread blocks help to improve cornering and handling of this tire.

The unique tread groove pattern and the circumferential grooves work to eliminate water beneath the tire, which reduced the risk of hydroplaning. You don’t have to worry about the road noise as the company has used its best technology to handle this issue.

The steel belts inside the tire are wrapped by nylon which gives the tire more strength and durability.

The company offers a 50,000-mile warranty to the people who buy the Yokohama Geolandar today.

2. Yokohama YK-HTX

Another impressive tire from this company is the YK-HTX which is an all-season tire meant for the SUVs, trucks, and minivans. The company has gone above and beyond to make sure that the tire offers better ride experience and comfort that you may need.

The high silica content works well with the orange oil to improve on the traction and handling of the tire. This mixture is also responsible for ensuring that the tire has a much better wear and gives it an extended tread life.

The improved 3-D sipes together with the tread compound gives this tire better traction on wet surfaces. The added sipes act as a biting edge, which makes it possible for you to drive on an icy road.

The tire has two steel belts inside it which are wrapped by polyamide to give it more strength and added durability. The company also offers a 55,000-mile warranty to their clients.

1. Yokohama Advan Sport A/S

The Advan Sport A/S is meant to replace the aging Advan S.4, which for a while, was the dominant tire in the market. The Sport A/S is equipped with the latest technology that gives it better traction and handling. The result is a tire that can perform on any surface without difficulties.

This tire was designed to be used by the luxury sedan owners since they can deliver year-round traction and handling.

What makes this tire one of the best is that it contains more silica and polymer compared to any tire in the market. The added silica is responsible for better traction on wet and icy roads, while the polymer plays a role in making the tire pliable during the cold weather.

The cornering ability is aided by the asymmetric tread pattern and the shoulder blocks which work together to make this possible.

The tire is more responsive and stable because of the 2-in-1 intermediate tread blocks.

Driving on the snow-covered area is easy because of the z-grooves and the wavy sipes which bite the snow when you are driving. The circumferential grooves ensure that the water under the tire is channeled away, which helps to reduce the risk of hydroplaning and increase its grip.

The steel belts are wrapped by nylon, which is responsible for added strength and durability. The ride gets comfortable and quiet due to the optimized contact patch.

The company offers a 70,000-mile warranty to anyone who buys this tire.

My Take on These Tires

After testing the tires for almost three months, I was convinced that they are among the best that we have. They perform exceptionally and will never disappoint.

All these tires provide excellent traction on any surface, which means you don’t have to replace them anytime the weather changes. They are durable, and they will serve you for a more extended period.

The manufacturers were helpful and were ready to answer any questions that I had. Their customer services can be accessed easily. The prices are affordable, and the warranty that is offered by these companies is an added advantage.

I didn’t experience any notable negative feature from any of the tires, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Who Should buy these Tires?

If you need a high-performance tire that will give you stability and comfort, then these tires are for you. The tread lifespan is also suitable for those who have been experiencing problems with the lifespan of their previous tires.

If you have been searching for an affordable, yet effective tire, then you should give them a try. The technology used in these tires has improved their features and offer more traction and handling.

Your BMW X5 will perform even better when you use any of these tires.

I would like to note that not all BMWs use the same tires. For example, you can’t use the same tires on a BMW X5 and a 328i. That’s why, if you have a sports car such as the 328i, i recommend you look at the best tires for a BMW 328i instead.


Finding the right tire for your BMW X5 is an exhausting task. However, with the information that I have shared in this article, you will be able to acquire any of these tires with much ease.

The information that I have shared here is based on my experience with these tires. I hope that it will come in handy to you when you are in the market for these tires.

I have based the information on the requests that I receive from my readers. If you have a request, I will gladly accept it.

If there is any information that I have left out from the article that would be useful, please share it with us in the comment section.

I would request you to share this article with your friends who might need the information that it had. Help them solve their tire problems by recommending them this post.