Best Tires For Ford F250

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The Ford Motor Company is synonymous with innovation and with the fact that its founder has changed the automotive industry as a whole. Throughout the years, this company has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of cars which in 2018, has sold over 2,497,318 vehicles and became America’s top-selling car brand for the ninth consecutive year! Ninth! Can you imagine?

Their F-Series, yet again, were chosen as the most widely used and heavily appreciated vehicles as well!

The F250 Super Duty was firstly introduced in 1998 and belongs to the “heavy-duty” pickup range of Ford’s F-Series, but since its release date, the F250 has become widely known for its numerous benefits that are offered to the owner. This includes excellent driving dynamics, modern, high-tech features, a spacious cab that allows you have a comfortable drive with enough space even to stretch your legs and a 6.2-litre V-8 engine (depending on the model) which makes this vehicle runs smoothly on the highway!

For your information, the annual cost estimate to maintain a Ford F-250 may reach $657, however, this also depends on the sum that is charged by your service provider, but as you already know, maintenance includes replacing tires when it is necessary, since this beast has to hold quality tires in order to offer an exclusively comfortable ride to its owner!

PhotoNameCheck Price
Best For SUVBridgestone Blizzak W965
Best For Quiet RideGoodyear Wrangler DuraTrac
Best For City RoadsCooper Discoverer STT Pro
Best SellerToyo Tire Open Country A/T ll Radial Tire
Best ComfortBFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

In this article, I will name the best tires for F250 Super Duty owners who would like to improve their safety on the road as well as to reduce the fuel expenditure, these two things that can be considered as a necessity for every driver, so let’s get started right away!

Note: Before buying, make sure you are choosing the correct tire size. You can check that on your car’s wheels. Here is a guide showing you how to find your tire size.

The 5 Best Tires For F250

5. Bridgestone Blizzak W965 

The Bridgestone Blizzak W965 meets the industry’s severe snow service requirements, hence it is branded with the 3PMSF symbol which by default makes this tire a highly appropriate choice for you, especially if you want to prepare yourself for the winter!

Design-wise, the Blizzak W965 measures 32 x 32 x 8-inches, has an aspect ratio of 75, loading index rated at 120, Q-speed rating and boasts a special Tube Multicell tread compound that integrates microscopic pores with the intention to make this tire capable to improve grip as you’re driving on ice!

Across the tire, there are zigzag sipes and this is surely a great addition since they increase the number of biting edges in the tread blocks so that you may have sufficient winter traction and by default, this means that from now on, winter terrain won’t be problematic for you and your vehicle!

At the inside, there are two steel belts that are reinforced by spiral-wrapped nylon which support the tread area, and they contribute very much in terms of reaching highway speeds while maintaining the tire’s uniformity at the highest levels!

This tire is durable as well, and this is a result of the polyester cord that promotes strength and durability while you’re riding, and so far, I don’t have any remarks regarding this tire.

For your information, this model employs snow platform indicators which are moulded into the tread grooves, and this is one of the things that got my attention regarding this tire. The reason is pretty simple, and it is regarding the fact that each user will be informed about the tire’s treadwear when it reaches up to 50% of the tread depth. Hence, you will always be informed when is the right time to substitute this tire with another one!

Moving on, those who had an opportunity to ride their F-250 with this tire during the winter season claim that this tire is a true, state-of-the-art tire that aside from the quality traction and acceleration you receive in return, it also improves your safety because snow and ice will unlikely cause you discomfort or troubles as you’re riding tens or hundreds of miles on the road!

The manufacturer also recommends you get the W965 tires in sets of four only as well, due to the fact that by doing this, you will receive the best possible results in a return! Well, they are right, and this is kind of a standard when it comes to tires, since if you mix them this may lead to malfunction.

To summarize, the Bridgestone Blizzak W965 is a must-have option for you, especially if you want to improve your overall riding quality and safety during the winter season!

4. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the owners of a variety of different SUVs, Jeeps, trucks and other commercial vehicles because this tire does offer a strong, off-road, all-season and all-terrain performance! If you’ve been looking for a tire with these capabilities, then let’s see what does this one has to offer for you!

Aesthetically speaking, the Wrangler DuraTrac has an aggressive-looking, symmetric tread design that packs a rugged tread compound which employs large shoulders and angled centre tread blocks, with the intention to let the driver have a higher level of stability and traction in both, dry and wet conditions!

In addition, this unit is equipped with circumferential grooves as well, which distribute a large quantity of biting edges and when we add the presence of the ZigZag sipes, it means that the traction will be maximized even in deep mud and snow, so that if you prefer off-road ride, you can actually have it any time you want! Wrangler DuraTrac is an exclusively reliable tire! Good job, Goodyear!

In fact, this model is branded with the 3PMSF symbol which means that it meets the Industry’s standards for severe snow performance, so as you can see, dry, wet, muddy, or snowy terrain is going to be an easy task for you and your vehicle!

But that’s not all! The manufacturer has incorporated a rim lock on the tire, and what does really mean in practice is that it will prevent the tire from slipping while the built-in rim protector will dramatically enhance the tire’s protection from various damages on a variety of different driving occasions including off-road.

Speaking of the internal structure of this tire, there are two steel belts that are reinforced with nylon with the intention to provide durability and strength of the tire. This is great if you ask me since the tire will have a better life expectancy and you will unlikely have to change it or change them if you purchase more in a fairly long period of time.

Moreover, I’ve received positive critiques from the users on the market, and most of them were focused on noise and vibration. To be more precise, the Wrangler DuraTrac isn’t loud at all most of the time, while on the other side, this tire offers a smooth performance even at high speeds minimizing the vibrations as much as possible. There were a few words regarding the acceleration and the control over the vehicle, and to be honest, I wasn’t even surprised. The Wrangler DuraTrac acts like a guardian angel on any terrain, equipping you with endless possibilities, greater control over your vehicle, and reliable traction and acceleration for your ultimate user experience!

Last but not least, the performance on dry and wet pavement is awesome as well, mainly because of the high angled center tread blocks which do an awesome job in increasing the traction and providing a better stability, so when we combine all these into one, without a doubt, I can say that the Wrangler DuraTrac has all the attributes of a versatile tire that will never disappoint you with its performance and look!

Overall, I’d urge you consider the Goodyear DuraTrac as your next purchase, and if you ever manage to purchase it, be prepared for action and for tasting the benefits that this tire gives you in a return!

3. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro would be an excellent option for you if you intend to purchase a reliable, all-season tire that offers impressive performance on different seasons and on both, off-road and on-road ride!

From a design perspective, this model measures 31.9 x 31.9 x 10.7-inches, has a Q-rated speed, section width of 265-millimetres, an aspect ratio of 75 and a rim diameter of 16-inches, and if you look closely at these specs, it means that the Discoverer STT Pro is highly appropriate with a wide range of SUVs, Jeeps and trucks, including your F-250!

In addition, this tire uses Cooper’s so-called Armor-Tek3 Construction technology, which is composed of a three-ply polyester casing that will play a huge role regarding the tire’s capability to resist punctures. As you know, punctures may happen any time you start up your engine and start driving, well, with the three-ply polyester these scenarios will be minimized as much as possible.

At the inside of the tire, there are two wide, steel belts that are furtherly strengthened by a single nylon cap ply and they will significantly support the tread, but let’s not also forget that at the base of the tread grooves, there are anti-stone retention ribs which are meant to improve tire’s puncture resistance even more, and I have to admit that the manufacturer has hit a jackpot with this!

Moving on, there are wide lateral and circumferential channels that are spread across the entire tire, and what’s cool about them is that they will make this tire capable enough to resist hydroplaning, so, while you’re driving on wet terrain, you will be able to have a better, overall control over your vehicle and the road!

As a matter of fact, the tire is armed with in-block siping as well, and what’s interesting is that they create more biting edges which by default means that you will have a strong grip if you found yourself driving on slippery roads!

Another great thing about the Discoverer STT PRO is that the inner tread ribs are placed in an alternating 3-2 pattern. For those who don’t have a clue what this means in practice, well, it means that its design will offer you a great traction on muddy terrain when you prefer to drive off-road, reduce the road noise and dramatically enhance the stability and handling of your vehicle! Amazing, right?

I’d also like to inform you that users had a truly immersive driving experience with this tire. Namely, they claim that this tire provides the driver top-notch handling on dry pavement, and even noted that muddy, snowy or sandy terrain wasn’t any different!

Lastly, this is also a durable tire, and those who have purchased this tire already know that this tire can remain its quality performance for a long period of time thanks to its well-engineered construction which lets you drive literally anywhere you want!

In conclusion, the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro should be seriously considered as your next purchase due to the fact that it combines numerous features, has a truly impressive design and it is capable enough to let you have a comfortable and safe ride anywhere you go!

2. Toyo Tire Open Country A/T ll Radial Tire

The Toyo Tire Open Country A/T ll Radial Tire is meant for people who would like to invest in an all-terrain tire that combines an aggressive-looking yet exceptionally well-made construction with a high-end performance that can outperform most of the tires in its price range!

In terms of the design, this model features a wear-resistant tread compound that is accompanied by ZigZaz sipes, polygonal blocks, and deep tread grooves with stone-ejecting blocks. In practice, the ZigZag sipes and the polygonal blocks will drastically improve your driving experience on snowy terrains, while the grooves and the stone-ejecting blocks will allow you have a truly fascinating traction on snow and mud on one side, while on the other, this tire will force stones from grooves which is awesome if you ask me!

Between the blocks, there are tie bars as well, and they offer numerous benefits, including reduced irregular wear, and a highly improved dry braking, and this is one of the biggest highlights regarding this tire since customers do really appreciate these features.

For your information, this model measures 35 x 35 x 12.5-inches, has a rim diameter of 18-inches, a loading index rating of 123 and an R-rated speed, which makes it highly suitable for different vehicles including your Ford F-250!

Moreover, the road noise while driving with this tire will not affect negatively on your driving experience, but to be honest, the usual side effects when driving with a heavy, all-terrain tire on the highway is exactly the nose. Although this is an all-terrain tire, users have reported that they could handle the road noise and I think that this won’t be a problem for you as well!

In addition, the handling is where the Toyo Open Country II expands the borders of what does an all-terrain tire really mean. Namely, driving your vehicle feels smooth on the road, and you can manoeuvre with precision without putting much effort in terms of turning the wheel, etc. The braking is great as well because if we take as an instance, the fact that braking on ice conditions is easy with this tire, what can you expect on dry or wet conditions? Well, the same!

The good news won’t stop here due to the fact that the Open Country A/T II employs a wear-resistant tread compound as I’ve stated at the beginning, and this adds up to 40% more tread-life, and Toyo’s treadwear warranty is set at 65,000 miles! As you can see, Toyo deserves our applaud here and you deserve a tire of this calibre!

To conclude, the Toyo Tire Open Country A/T ll Radial Tire is a must-have option because this tire is capable enough to satisfy even the most demanding users and elevate their driving experience to a whole new level!

1. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 is an aggressive tread tire, that is meant to provide an exceptional quality, high-end performance and maximum traction for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs and other 4×4 vehicles especially for off-road ride!

Speaking of the design, this unit measures 35 x 35 x 13-inches, has an aspect ratio of 12.5, 17-inch rim diameter, Q-rated speed, tread depth of 20-inches and has a robust tread combines linear flex zones, independent tread blocks and a multi-layer structure that makes this tire strong enough to resist mechanical damage and cross over every single obstacle that may appear on its path!

The BFGoodrich has utilized twin steel belts in the tire’s internal structure and added Krawler TEK sidewalls and casing. If you’re not familiar with what does Krawler TEK sidewalls really mean, well, this is the time when you will finally find out. The Krawler TEK consists of sidewall lugs, cut-and-chip resistant sidewall compounds and Goodrich’s TriGard casing along with sidewall cords, and when combined, they distribute high-end protection and a tremendously increased strength on the tire itself while making sure that it won’t be damaged by rocks or by rough terrains!

For your information, users claim that once they’ve purchased a full set of this tire and paired it with their Ford F-250, they instantly recognized that the handling’s quality was instantly levelled up! The ride felt smoother, safer and this tire has proven as truly fantastic when riding on a muddy terrain!

However, some of them reported to me that this tire may not provide you with the best possible driving experience if you’re driving on the asphalt due to the fact that they are rough and this contributes to slower speeds and allows a bigger road noise. If you ask me, this is normal and I don’t consider this as a remark since we are talking about a tire that is specifically designed for off-road and muddy terrain, and asphalt isn’t the right place for this tire.

In comparison with its predecessor, this one is less noisy and distributes a smoother ride and this is a great improvement, so, BFGoodrich deserves compliments here.

Overall, if you love driving off-road and at the same time, you’re keen on investing in an exceptionally reliable tire that will let you have the most pleasant driving experience, then you should take a look at the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2!

How to improve the life expectancy of your tires

  • Rotate them regularly: It is recommended that you should rotate your tires once in every 10,000 – 12,000 kilometres or if you prefer taking months as a measurement, this would be 6 month
  • Avoid mixing tires: Yes, it may sound that you save money, but in practice, this may lead to some troubles. Hence, getting a full set of tires would be a fairly better option due to the fact that if you fail to match the tires properly, this causes uneven tread and some mechanical issues to your vehicles!
  • Replace your tires according to the season: In most of the countries, having a set of summer and winter tires is a must, since each of them serves a specific purpose. Let’s be honest here, would you feel safe if you’re riding during the winter with summer tires? I guess not.
  • Ensure that your vehicle gets tire alignment each year: In order to avoid uneven tread wear, it is recommended that once per year or after 25,000 kilometres, you should get a wheel alignment.
  • Inspect your tires at least once per month: Since you will be riding on different roads, roads that may have bumps and other obstacles, it is advisable that you should take a look whether the tire has punctures or an uneven tread wear, and if you recognize this, then, this is the right time for a change!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: Are Goodyear tires worthy of investing if I’m an owner of Ford F-250?

A: Of course they are! Goodyear is among the top 5 brands on the tire market! I’ve even included one of their tires that matches with your F-250.

Q: What are the best tires for my Ford F-250?

A: Well, what’s the type you’re searching for? The most precise answer to your questions would be the tires that are included in this article since each of them can be used for a specific purpose.

Q: What are the best tires for my Ford F-250?

A: Well, what’s the type you’re searching for? The most precise answer to your questions would be the tires that are included in this article since each of them can be used for a specific purpose.