Best Tires For Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee origins date back to 1983, however, the first original Grand Cherokee was launched in 1992 as a luxury, SUV that can accommodate the demands of the car owners on the market. However, since its release date up to 2011, Jeep has continuously been improving this vehicle by adding security features, adding comfortable seats, and upgrading the performance as much as possible.

The 2011-2013 year is maybe the biggest highlight, due to the fact that during these years, the Jeep Grand Cherokee got redesigned and at the same time, these were the blossom years of this SUV. The manufacturer included a sleek-looking yet comfortable interior, improved the look of this car with a better finish, added modern cabin electronics and even armed the SUV with a fully independent suspension.

PhotoNameCheck Price
Best SellerMichelin Defender LTX M/S
Best PerformancePirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus
Best For Quiet RideYokohama YK-HTX
Best For SUVCooper Discoverer HTP
Best EfficiencyGeneral Grabber HTS60
Best ComfortabilityMilestar MS932 Sport
Best For All-TerrainsBridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
Best For HighwaysKumho Road Venture AT51
Best QualityMichelin Premier LTX
Best DurabilityHankook Optimo H727

Choosing the best tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee requires an in-depth analysis due to the fact that the tires should offer a remarkable comfort along with nearly perfect driving dynamics. Well, instead of reading hundreds of reviews and being present in numerous forums where users usually share their experience about everything, including the tires for their vehicles, I have already done this for you to save you a lot of time.

In this article, I’ve listed the best 5 tires for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, and each of them will suit your needs, whether you are looking for all-terrain tires, all-season tires, winter tires and more!

Are you ready? Let’s dive together into action so that you will be able to read what I’ve had prepared for you!

Note: Before buying, make sure you are choosing the correct tire size. You can check that on your car’s wheels. Here is a guide showing you how to find your tire size.

The 5 Best Tires For Jeep Grand Cherokee

5. Continental Terraincontact H/T

The Terraincontact H/T is Continental’s latest invention that has quickly established itself as a highly reliable option Grand Cherokee owners who would like to get an all-terrain tire that is ready to conquer a variety of different terrains under different weather conditions! If you’ve been looking for something similar, then let’s see what you can expect from this one!

Aesthetically speaking, this particular model measures 30 x 30 x 10-inches, has an aspect ratio of 60 inches, T-rated speed, and to be honest, although the tire itself is robust it looks pretty good and promises a lot of things as well!

Continental has used Silane additives during the crafting process and this comes pretty handy due to the fact that the Silane boosts the traction, makes the tire strong enough to withstand cut and chip resistance, and drastically strengthens the tire in long term, so that once you purchase this tire, you will unlikely have to invest in another one for a really long period of time. In the following sections I will tell more regarding the longevity of the tire, but for now, let’s focus on the materials and the design.

Moreover, if you take a closer look at this tire, you can notice the presence of noise blockers that are spread across the tire, and what’s special about them is that, as the name suggests, they reduce the airborne sound with the intention to offer you an exclusively pleasant driving experience!

At the inside of the tire, the manufacturer has included a two-ply polyester casing and two heavy-duty steel belts which will aid your handling while driving on one side, while on the other, they will boost the durability of this tire as much as possible for your ultimate user experience!

But that’s not all! There are even dual, spirally wound cap plies that do not only strengthen the tire, but they will also let you achieve high-speeds on the road while maintaining the safety on the highest levels!

I would also like to mention that this tire delivers really good traction in virtually any weather condition, starting from wet, icy and snowy conditions which by default makes this tire a truly versatile performer that will never let you down on the road or highway! As a matter of fact, the Terraincontact H/T is armed with traction grooves which are accompanied by gripping teeth positioned at the inside of the grooves, so in practice, they will dramatically improve your driving experience specifically in situations where the road is covered with snow!

Moving on, there is yet another thing worthy of mentioning and that’s regarding the experience of Grand Cherokee owners who already had an opportunity to drive their vehicle equipped with this tire. To be more precise, they’ve reported to us that handling and braking, in general, is incredibly smooth, but they were even more surprised that even under heavy loads, the handling of their vehicle was incredibly good. I’m sure that you will feel the same because this tire is all about convenience! Furthermore, driving on a wet terrain is easy if your vehicle has this tire due to the fact that its wide, circumferential grooves and its lateral notches are quality enough to evacuate water properly from the tire which means that hydroplaning will never be a problem for you!

Last but not least, in terms of durability, the Continental Terraincontact H/T has a tread life warranty of 70,000 miles which translates in 6 years of driving, so as you can see, when we combine all these things in one, this tire is truly wonderful!

In conclusion, I’d recommend you seriously consider the Continental Terraincontact H/T, and if you ever decide to purchase it, a smooth and safe ride is what you gonna get in a return!

4. Falken Wildpeak AT3W

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W would be an excellent option for you, especially if you want to purchase a tire that radiates with versatility, starting from being capable enough to offer you a smooth ride on any weather, terrain and even accompanies you through your greatest off-roading adventures!

From a design perspective, the Wildpeak AT3W boasts an aggressive-looking and rugged construction that incorporates a so-called Heat Diffuser Technology along with outer apex sidewall which will ensure that your tire will be heavily protected against excess heat on one side, while on the other, the tire will always maintain the most optimal level of traction and grip especially when it comes to extreme driving!

For your information, this particular model measures 32 x 32 x 12-inches, has a T-rated speed, an aspect ratio of 55 with a section width of 275-millimetres, which by default makes it highly suitable not only for your Grand Cherokee but also with other SUVs, trucks and crossovers!

Moreover, Falken has introduced rigid tread blocks as a defense mechanism so that your vehicle will remain stable as you’re driving on different surfaces, including hilly terrains which often have small stones that can be trapped in the grooves, hence, the benefit you will have in return is a smooth ride on rough pavement which is awesome if you ask me!

What’s also cool is the presence of the Silica Tread compound that is combined with a deep tread that will allow you have nearly perfect handling on wet surfaces due to the fact that they will significantly strengthen the tire so that it can resist hydroplaning while at the same time, it will increase the tire’s longevity!

If you’ve been asking yourself about the performance in dry conditions, well, great news for you again! The Wildpeak AT3W smoothly rolls on the road and gives you a feeling like your vehicle is light! And, we know that Grand Cherokee is huge! According to those who’ve purchased this tire, the driving experience feels indeed pleasant especially if you’re driving on dry city roads or on a highway! Those who prefer a fast drive reported to us that the traction and control is dramatically preserved by this tire during the ride, and to be honest, Falken deserves our applaud here!

I would also like to mention that this tire is fairly silent on the road, and as a matter of fact, you won’t hear the annoying creak that is usually produced by other tires, but what you will experience instead is a smooth and safe ride that will never affect your driving experience negatively!

Overall, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W is worthy of considering mainly because of its durable and rugged construction that will dramatically enhance your driving experience on any weather and terrain, so give it a try and assure yourself of its endless qualities!

3. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is one of the best, if not the best tire for your Jeep Grand Cherokee on the market for winter purposes, and the reason is pretty simple, this model was crafted by using unique materials and has many features that will let you have the best possible driving experience during winter!

Design-wise, this unit measures 30.6 x 30.6 x 10.7-inches, has a rim diameter of 17-inches, an aspect ratio of 65 with a section width of 265-millimetres and employs an adaptive NanoPro Tech Multicell compound that includes a hydrophilic coating with microscopic bite particles. The Multicell compound is specifically crafted to make the tire strong enough to withstand below-freezing conditions and flexible enough to deliver proper handling and hydroplaning resistance on wet roads! So, from the very beginning, you already know that Blizzak did an excellent job by crafting such a quality tire!

In addition, on this tire, there are 3D Zig-Zag sipes which aid the traction even more, as well as their presence, has yet another purpose and that’s to increase the quantity of snow biting edges as much as possible!

Since we are talking about a winter tire, I would like to inform you that Bridgestone has succeeded in their intention to optimize their contact patch to provide a greater space to the tire itself, so that it can offer you a better handling and overall control in winter conditions! Well, that’s one of the biggest highlights regarding this tire and one of the reasons why is tire a #1 choice for owners of SUVs, light tracts and CUVs!

I would also like to add that the manufacturer suggests purchasing 4 tires instead of 1 in order to get the best possible results, and if you ask me, I’d recommend you as well, since once you purchase 4 of them you will unlikely have to spend in winter tires for many seasons. I simply thing that they are worthy of investing!

Moving on, owners of this tire claim that the Blizzak DM-V2 has proven itself as a highly reliable tire not only in wet and snowy conditions where sudden braking is a challenge but also in dry conditions mainly because of the fact that the traction, handling and acceleration in this three scenarios isn’t different at all! I don’t know how Blizzak did such an amazing job, but they really did it!

Before we end, there is yet another thing that I want to note about this tire and that’s regarding its longevity. Well, on average, you can expect between 12,000 – 15,000 driven miles, however, keep in mind that some customers told me that the multi-cell compound which takes approximately 50-60% of the tread completely wears off as well as its usefulness in winter. This is normal though since everything has a life expectancy and even this tire!

To conclude, the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is a must-have winter tire that is worthy of investing thanks to its marvellous engineering that extends the borders of what does a winter tire actually means in practice!

2. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus has been going around the market for a fairly long period of time, but, since its launch date, it has gained a spectacular popularity mainly by the owners of light and medium truck due to the fact that this tire comes equipped with everything needed that promises a safe and comfortable ride!

When it comes to the design, this particular model has a rim diameter of 18-inches, measures 30 x 30 x 9-inches, comes with an aspect ratio of 60, a section width of 245-millimeters and features asymmetric tread pattern that does a great job in reducing noise levels especially when you’re driving long distances!

Furthermore, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is an all-season tire, hence, it consists of lateral notches, sipes and wide, circumferential grooves which dramatically enhance the tire’s ability to output exclusively strong traction in dry, wet and even in light snowy conditions!

The internal structure was made by carefully chosen materials such as twin steel belts whose primary objective is to strengthen the included spirally wound with the intention to provide a higher level of support under the tread area! But that’s not all! There are polyester cords as well which do level up the sidewalls in terms of stabilization and the overall ride quality, and so far, I don’t have any remarks regarding this tire, so let’s move on.

The manufacturer has also paid attention to crafting a durable tire, not only a tire that will significantly improve your driving experience. Namely, this model comes with an 80,000-mile warranty which at the same time, is among the best around, to be honest! This means that once you purchase it, you will have an opportunity to taste the benefits of having such a premium tire for a really long period of time, excluding you from the need of purchasing another tire or pair of tires, and this by default means that this will have a positive impact on your budget!

But what got my attention about this tire is not only its tread life but the fuel efficiency as well! Since I’ve mentioned that purchasing a tire of this calibre means a positive impact on your budget, well, I do really mean it! If we take into consideration the flexibility of this tire which in practice can distribute an even driving pressure over the tread area, this means less rolling resistance and decreased the expenditure of fuel and CO2 emissions! Good job Bridgestone!

Finally, according to the users, driving your Jeep Grand Cherokee with this tire feels enjoyable because the noise is set to the minimum, and you have greater control over the vehicle whether you’re riding on wet or dry conditions, and this is especially important when you intend to purchase an all-season tire!

To summarize, I’d strongly recommend you consider the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus because it has all the needed attributes that depict how should an all-season tire look and perform like in practice!

1. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is surely one of the best if not the best All-season tire for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, and this is nothing to be surprised of. This model combines elegant yet durable construction that will elevate your driving experience to a whole new level under different weather conditions! So, let’s get straight into the action and find out what’s so special about this tire!

In terms of the design, the Michelin Defender LTX M/S sports symmetric tread design that utilizes high-density 3D Active Sipes, four wide circumferential channels, open shoulder slots and multiple lateral grooves into one piece! This is extraordinarily good due to the fact that in practice, they will let you achieve the safest and most comfortable ride that you will ever have in your lifetime! Thanks to their presence, this tire can provide smooth traction on both, dry and wet conditions, while also ensuring that the noise will be set to the lowest levels!

In addition, one of the biggest highlights about this tire is Michelin’s MaxTouch construction. What does really mean in practice is that the unit’s construction delivers a contact patch that significantly improves the traction and long wear, and this is done by distributing acceleration, cornering forces and braking evenly, and to be honest, Michelin is a top player in the market and yet again, they have proven themselves why are they a reputable brand!

For your information, the internal structure of this tire packs twin steel belts whose purpose is to make your vehicle maintain the best possible performance even under heavy loads and as a matter of fact, users reported to us that their Grand Cheep Cherokee does not feel the same anymore!

I would also like to mention that users have greatly appreciated the smooth and quiet ride that is a result of this tire, however, please keep in mind that this tire isn’t the most appropriate for winter conditions or driving on snowy roads due to the fact that it does not meet the symbol 3PMSF. For winter purposes, I’ve already listed one tire so check it out yet again if you need it!

Before we finish with this model, I would like to inform you that according to some sources I’ve found out that this tire has a tread life warranty of up to 70,000 miles which translates in 6 years of use. This says a lot about the durability of this tire and at the same time, this is yet another good reason that should hook you up into considering this tire as your next purchase!

When we combine all of these things into one piece, I truly recommend this tire as your next choice for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, and if you ever manage to purchase it, you will assure yourself of its tremendously good capabilities!

How to choose the right tire for your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Determine the type of the tire: There is a wide variety of different tire types including All-Season, Winter, Touring, Performance, All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain etc. I’d advise you taking a close inspection of the type of a tire prior to purchasing.

Ensure that the tire can withstand the weight of your vehicle: This is especially important for owners of Grand Cherokee since this vehicle requires tires that are capable enough to support this car in both, towing duties and off-road situations.

Check for quiet and smooth-rolling tires: The tires for your Grand Cherokee should be well-made and this is the first and foremost thing! The reason is pretty simple, a heavy vehicle has to be paired with tires that will let you have a quiet and comfortable ride on the highway.

Fuel-Efficiency & Durability: Grand Cherokee isn’t the most cost and fuel-efficient vehicle on the market, but choosing the right tire may reduce the need of paying an extra amount of money for fuel. Also, keep in mind that the contribution of fuel expenditure is often connected with your driving style. On the other side, the tire has to be strong enough to have you backed up for a longer period of time so that you won’t have to invest in another pair of tires within a short period of time.

How to choose the right tire if you’re interested in off-road driving

After you’ve read this article, you already have a clue that I’ve set quality tires for Grand Cherokee owners who love off-road driving. The background analysis includes inspecting whether the tire offers proper off-road traction, comfortable and quiet ride as well as checking up on the overall safety that is given to the driver in the first place!

How do you change a tire on your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Usually, the user’s manual includes specific instructions that should be followed with caution, but regardless, I will try to explain you the process and what it takes in order to change the tire of your Cherokee effectively and within a short period of time!

–  Make sure to remove the spare jack, tire and all the tools from the location in which they are stored!

–  Loosen the wheel lug nuts. This can be done by turning them counterclockwise while the tire is still on the ground, however, please note that you should loosen not remove the aforementioned things.

–  Once you’ve done this, try to assemble the jack as well as the jacking tools. Afterwards, connect the jack handle driver to its extension and then to the lug wrench. Also, please note that the jack for the front wheels should be placed under the triangle, just behind the front tire. For rear wheels, do the same instructions just make sure that the jack is placed on the rear tie-down bracket which is positioned forward of the rear tire.

–  After this, turn the jack screw clockwise so that you can engage the jack saddle and raise the vehicle by turning the jack screw clockwise.

–  Position the new tire or the spare wheel on the vehicle and install the lug nuts.

–  Lower the vehicle and ensure that the lug nuts are properly tightened to avoid any undesirable scenarios.

That’s it. However, the best thing you can do is to follow the instruction of the user manual or if you find it too hard, get a licensed professional that can do this for you!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: What is the best tire for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A: Although I’m unable to offer you the best answer to your questions, because “the best”is something relative, the most appropriate and closest answer to your question would be the tires that are included in this article. Each of them is meant for a specific purpose, so regardless of the option you’ve chosen, you simply can’t go wrong!

Q: Is Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2a reliable winter tire for my Grand Cherokee?

A: It definitely is! This tire is among the best and most popular winter tires that is being widely used by owners of Grand Cherokee, so feel free to select it as your next tire if you require a reliable, winter tire!
Q: Which Jeep vehicles are the best for winter?

A: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Compass, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Q: What’s the most recommended tire pressure for my Grand Cherokee?

A: The most recommended tire pressure is tightly connected with the size of your wheels. In general, you should have your tires inflated from 32 to 36 psi as a maximum. For your safety, I would strongly recommend you take a look at your owner’s manual so that you will have even more accurate information regarding this question.

Q: When is the right time for rotating the tires of my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A: The general rule is every 6,000 miles, however, do not hesitate to check the owner’s manual which knows more than every one of us, since the manufacturer has the right information for the vehicle you’re driving.