Best Tires For Lexus ES350

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We know that choosing a set of tires can be a hard task, because you have to have knowledge upon somethings, information, and know exactly for what weather or terrain you need your tires. In this article, we have compiled a list of best set of tires for Lexus ES 350, which is a wonderful car infused with the latest technologies and features, and it is a car that it is widely being purchased by students and the average budget people due to its performance, and fuel economy above all.

Despite being cheaper than most other cars, the Lexus ES 350 has a luxury appearance, it is a midsize sedan that spans a broad price segment and encompasses cars from just about every continent with an automaker. It is an easy-driving, quiet, comfortable and well-built sedan that will satisfy even the most demanding users on the market.

However, let’s get to the point of the article now.

PhotoNameCheck Price
Best SturdinessBridgestone Driveguard
Best EfficiencyPirelli Tires Cinturato P7
Best PerformanceGeneral AltiMAX RT43
Best DurabilityMichelin Premier A/S
Best SellerContinental Truecontact

Of course, if you are concerned about your safety, and about your driving experience with this car, we don’t suggest using the original manufacturer tires of the car, but instead, you should be on the lookout for a new set of tires which will enhance the vehicle’s performance by maximum, while giving you a comfortable and quality ride, and yes, not to forget, a safe ride above all.

Even though people might not take this seriously, tires play a big role in the overall cars’ performance, fuel economy, and comfort. For example, you won’t get the performance you want from a summer set of tires on wet weather conditions, or vice versa, which is why we will try to provide you with different tire options for different weather conditions and pavements.

There are quite a few tire types available on the market, so make sure you know exactly what you want before purchase, because you may end up with a winter tire on summer.

These tire types include summer tires, all-season tires, all-season touring tires, all-terrain, winter tires, tires made specifically for mud, but I doubt you need those since driving a Lexus ES 350 on mud is not really recommended, even though a mud tire will have no problems with mud.

Moreover, before we did this list, we made sure to discuss with professionals and experts about each tire, ask customers about their performance with the tire, while we also listed them based on price, performance, durability, quality, and design.

Let’s get straight into the topic and see why these tires can be perfect for your Lexus ES 350.

Note: Before buying, make sure you are choosing the correct tire size. You can check that on your car’s wheels. Here is a guide showing you how to find your tire size.

The 5 Best Tires For Lexus ES350 

5. Bridgestone Driveguard

You’ve seen Bridgestone tires on all our tire categories, you simply can’t ignore their quality and the companies dedication to creating high-performance tires available for people with different budgets.

To start off, let’s mention first that Bridgestone has changed the way people perceive run-flat tires with their new DriveGuard Run-Flat tire and their new RF tire technology. This particular tire is built to ride just as comfortably as no RF tires, which allows you to continue driving up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 50mph, despite the situation where the tire may have suffered a complete loss of air pressure.

Just by logic, you can tell that the benefits are great because you won’t have to change a tire on a busy urban interstate, out in the country on a rural back road, or just having to be late to work due to a flat tire, and in many other situations as you can imagine.

In terms of construction, the DriveGuard has a silica-enhanced all-season tread compound that is moulded into the asymmetric tread design, as a result, you will be provided with better handling and traction on whichever situation you find yourself, dry or wet pavement, while you will also have increased cornering stability and a longer tread life.

Apart from that, the Nano Pro-Tech sidewall tends for added durability and sturdiness, while the Cooling Fin Design will reduce weight and enhance the ride comfort. Just like in many other models, inside the tire, you will find two steel belts that are reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon on top of a rayon cord casing.

When it comes to snow, more precisely light snow, you will still have great traction, however, we don’t recommend using this set of tires in winter because you may find winter braking/acceleration performance to drop off when the snow piles up or on icy pavement surfaces.

There’s one thing we noticed that it is important to mention, the tires have softer handling performance on higher speeds on the highway, which should be a concern for you because if you’re a hard-core driving enthusiast, this may not be the option for you.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new set of run-flat tires to replace with your current ones, then the DriveGuard is a solid choice.

4. Pirelli Tires Cinturato P7

Are you looking for a set of all-season touring tires for your Lexus ES 350? The Pirelli Cinurato P7 is the latest addition to the chain of completely successful products of Pirelli, built for drivers of coupes and sedans, the P7 has a unique construction engineered to provide year-round traction, higher fuel efficiency, and longer tread life.

To start with its construction, similar to our first product, the P7 comes with a silica-based tread compound that is able to maximize treadwear, and also contains unique polymers for lowering the rolling resistance of the tire, which is something we are all looking for, better fuel efficiency.

To continue, you will also find an optimized asymmetric 5-rib tread pattern along with wider shoulder blocks which are there to provide increased traction and cornering grip, while also being able to enhance the overall stability of the vehicle.

In addition, specifically for wet pavement, there are also four wider circumferential grooves that channel away from under the tire to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, which is a good thing because you won’t have any problems with rain covered road surfaces or whatsoever.

Other than that, around the tread, there are multiple siping that provide the tire biting edges with the intention to increase traction even in snowy weather conditions, or on ice. Considering that this is an all-season tire, the P7 surprisingly reduces road noise with the help of the optimized tread design, while this is one of the main selling points for this tire because many people are looking for comfort, and not to be annoyed from road noises.

A common feature that this tire has in common with almost any tire out there are the two steel belts which you will find inside the tire, thus, they tend to add extra strength and durability to the tire. Apart from that, there is also a polyester cord body to provide a better quality ride.

Moreover, what I like most about the P7 is the tread life, which is way much higher than most other competitors out there. Pirelli backs up the tire with a 70,000-mile guarantee.

To finish up, Pirelli P7 not only that performs good, but it also has great durability and it provides users with great comfort. Isn’t this what we are all after?

3. General AltiMAX RT43

Midway today, we have the General AltiMAX RT43.

I believe that at some point in your life while searching on the internet, or just talking to someone about your cars’ tires, you’ve heard of the AltiMAX RT43, right? Well, even so, we will not describe and explain why the General AltiMAX RT43 has been a long-time favourite tire for customers worldwide, and why this can be the perfect tire for your Lexus ES 350.

This particular tire has a uniquely designed body that was built with the intent to deliver better traction in whichever weather condition you may find yourself, so basically, it is a great all-rounder, but we’ll talk about this a bit later.

Construction-wise, the AltiMAX RT43 features a high-tech twin cushion silica tread compound and asymmetric tread pattern, sounds premium already, right? However, these both combine with what the manufacturer calls is a peak anti-slip sipe design technology which increases dry and wet traction, while also enhances ride comfort, even for the most demanding customers on the market, this tire performs exceptionally.

For your convenience, the manufacturer has done a great job infusing the newest technology in addition to the four circumferential grooves, with the addition of sipes around the tread further increase grip on light snow-covered road surfaces. Yes, and it is not just a company statement, because we were able to test this tire in light snow, and it was able to save its traction abilities, while it still provided us with great comfort. However, don’t think that this tire will get you through a heavy winter with heavy snow because it won’t. We wouldn’t recommend this tire to be used during cold freezing temperatures on ice, or piled up snow because it is not really designed for that.

Nonetheless, the tire has a continuous centre rib which tends to add extra stability and steering response, which unique acoustic modulation sound technology that will suppress sound waves to reduce road noise and vibrations, resulting in better ride quality.

Nothing out of the ordinary, in the inner part of this tire, there are two steel belts just like in any other tire, but with a polyester cord that gives the tire extra strength and durability, and you’ll be surprised to know that the AltiMAX RT43 has a 75,000-mile tread warranty.

All and all, there is really nothing bad to say about this tire, it covers pretty much everything you could ever ask for, which is also why we decided to list the AltiMAX in our top 5 tires for Lexus ES 350 buying guide. If I had to change my tires right now and I was on a budget, I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing this tire because it simply doesn’t disappoint in any situation.

2. Michelin Premier A/S 

Many tire companies out there are trying to make their tires based on Michelini standards because this brand always infuses their products with the latest technology, while also making them durable and able to accommodate with different weather conditions.

The Premier A/S comes in different sizes which can accommodate sedans, coupes, crossovers, and minivans, and because it is an all-season tire, the Premier A/S has been and it is still a top option for customers worldwide.

To start off with the tires’ construction, silica, and sunflower oil tread compound boasts the companies latest EverGrip technology which provides exceptionally good safety, while it is also a state of the art and a game-changer for delivering long-lasting wet traction. To get more into the specifics, this new technology is able to expand the rain grooves As the tire wears, enabling the tire to remove water and continue delivering wet traction.

Apart from that, there are also new grooves hidden in the rubber which begin emerging and start evacuating the water to provide added grip. As a result, even when the tire wears out, it will still brake and perform like a new one.

Furthermore, the tread compound consists of sunflower oil, and the added sipes around the tire that provide biting edges, they will enhance traction even on snowy surfaces, while in some cases, in light ice by making the tread more pliable in extremely cold temperatures.

Not to forget to mention, similar to the other tires on the market, inside the tire there are twin steel belts with a polyester cord body for additional durability, and strength, which is something we are all looking for, right?

The Michelin backs up the Premier A/S with a 60,000-mile tread warranty, which is average considering that there are also products that feature a 70,000-mile warranty, or above.

To conclude, the Michelin Premier A/S delivers great value for the money, and if you’re looking for a premium set of tires, then this could be your ideal choice.

1. Continental Truecontact 

As for our last, we have listed the Continental TrueContact which checks all the boxes for a decent, all-rounder Lexus ES 350 tire. It is our top pick for this article, and I think that it will be your favourite by the end of this review as well.

Continental has been around for quite some years now, and due to their quality tires, they have managed to stay on top of the chain considering that there are a plethora of tire manufacturers on the market. However, let’s get straight into the topic and see why this tire can be perfect for your Lexus ES 3500.

TrueContact is built with the latest technology with the intention of providing a stable and consistent driving experience in all types of weather and road conditions, which is also why we call it the perfect all-rounder. It is specifically designed for sedans, minivans, coupes, and smaller crossovers.

Construction-wise, Continental aims at providing industry-leading treadwear, which is not only their statement, but many users worldwide have found this to be true. Other than that, they also provide fuel-efficiency, and above all, traction on both wet, and dry pavement thanks to the all-season tread compound that features Continental’s Tf-F Polymers and +Silane additives.

In addition, this particular compound is then moulded into an optimized symmetric tread pattern which enables the tire to have continuous tread contact on the road, while as a result, you will be provided better steering response and enhanced handling.

Besides being great on wet and dry pavement, this tire promises great performance on snowy conditions. Due to the siped intermediate tread block and their own patented Traction Grooves, Continental tires provide additional gripping ability in even the worst weather conditions.

In fact, the TrueContanct is one of the few tires on the market that delivers decent performance even in winter.

However, having all these features doesn’t mean that Continental has sacrificed some other part of the tire. Therefore, there is also a unique comfort band system infused which increases ride comfort and smoothness to maximum, while the tires also reduce road noise and the effect of vibrations in whichever terrain you drive the vehicle on.

Moreover, depending on the tires’ speed rating, there is a 90,000-mile tread guarantee, which is a lot more than any other competitors out there, at this price range, and above.

As far as our judgments go, Continental TrueContact is among the world’s best, and if you’re looking for a new set of premium tires for your Lexus ES 350, then don’t hesitate on purchasing Continental’s TrueContact, because you will never regret your decision.

Things to consider before purchasing the best set of tires for Lexus ES350

Just like other things, tires are also designed for specific weather conditions, terrains and vehicles. They are constructed and engineered with the intent to deliver a smooth and quiet ride, reliable all-season traction, and long-lasting tread life. If you have a luxury vehicle, it’s wise to purchase a premium set of tires to get the most of the performance from your vehicle, and also to experience a quality ride with comfort and safety.

As we have mentioned in the beginning, before purchasing a set of tire, make sure you know exactly in what terrain or weather conditions you plan on using them. To clear things up, we’re going to point out and explain each type of tire that is available on the market, from which you’ll be able to see what you really need, and what can meet your requirements the most.


The all-season touring tires have a unique design that delivers exceptionally good comfort while being able to provide the user with easy handling on the highway, as well as reliable all-season traction. Mainly, the come with an asymmetrical tread pattern and circumferential grooves for wet weather grip.


Touring tires are the most popular option on the market, which is not by accident, but because they can deliver the most comfortable ride from all the other competitors out there, while they are also able to provide users reliable all-season traction, with the addition of more responsive handling. Touring tires are also known as Grand Touring tires, since they have a higher speed rating than all-season touring tires, and most of the time, they feature an asymmetrical tread pattern.

More on that, a touring tire reduces road noise and vibrations to the maximum, which also enhances the comfortability of the user to the maximum. Touring tires are a top-option for sedans because as such vehicles require enhanced handling capabilities from their tires, a touring tire is able to do exactly that.


They stand out from the other types on the market due to their larger circumferential and lateral grooves which deliver great performance on wet weather traction. Other than that, they also have dense sipping and silica enriched tread compounds, for better grip regardless of the weather. In comparison to touring tires, performance tires have a higher speed rating.

Summer tires

Summer tires can get the job done in the wet and dry pavement, however, they are not recommended for all-season traction since they are not designed like that. Mainly, they will serve you good in warm weather conditions, while they boast responsive handling in wet or dry conditions, and they tend to have a good grip on both. Most summer tires are hydroplaning-resistant, and they feature solid contact patches with adequate circumferential grooves.

Winter tires

Well, there is really not much to say about a winter tire, besides having a tread pattern specifically designed for snow, while their compound has oil and chemicals which make the tire anti-slip even on icy conditions. Although take in mind that a winter tire will serve you good only in winter, when it comes to other seasons and weather conditions, you will have to change your tires for better performance.

By this, we believe that now you know exactly what kind of tire you need for your Lexus ES 350. About the products, whichever tire that you choose from our list, don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed since we’ve listed only the most popular and premium options available for this category.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: Are all-season tires good in snow?

A: Well, you can manage it’s not impossible, but when it comes to heavy snow or cold freezing temperatures, we recommend using winter tires not only for better performance but also for your safety.

Q: What tire gives the smoothest ride?

A: Tires that tent to have asymmetrical tread pattern will deliver the smoothest and most comfortable ride out of all the other types.

Q: What’s the difference between summer tires and all-season tires?

A: Summer tires use a different kind of rubber which is sticky and gives them better traction, however they wear down faster. Their difference is at their tread depths, while all-season tires can be used in different weather conditions, including snow, summer tires will only be good in summer and in wet weather conditions.


In this article, we tried to compile a full buying guide with precise and accurate information about Lexus ES 350 tires, while also mentioning the tire types available, from which you can choose a set of tires that meets your requirements the most.

From the list above, our editors’ top pick is Continental TrueContact, which has all the features of a premium one, the durability, design, and comes at a reasonable price, so it definitely delivers more value for the money.

We hope this article was helpful to you, and if you have any questions regarding this topic, make sure you contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.