Best Tires For Mercedes ML350

Mercedes is the name that usually rolls into your mind multiple times, while you’re having a conversation with your friend or a colleague about vehicles that perfectly describe the word “class”!

The German global automobile brand is a well-known name on the market, especially when it comes to manufacturing luxury vehicles. As a matter of fact, Mercedes-Benz has sold over 2.31-million passenger cars in 2018, and this means that this brand set the record for the eighth consecutive year for the leading global premium car brand!

The Mercedes ML-350 belongs to the GLE-Class, formerly M-class, and this is a mid-size, luxury Crossover SUV that was launched in 2002, equipped with a 3.7-litre V6 engine. Since its first appearance on the market, car owners already had a clue of what does having a vehicle of this calibre actually mean, and fortunately, owners of ML-350 already knew!

Throughout the years, ML-350 was being continuously improved with a greater amount of cargo space, roomy seatings, modern interior, fuel-efficiency, power steering, suspension, braking system, etc.

But, as you may already know since you’re reading this article, every vehicle requires proper maintenance and replacement of tires when necessary in order to maintain the quality performance that is output by the vehicle, right?

In this article, owners of Mercedes ML-350 would have a good opportunity to be really well informed regarding the tires that they should consider anytime they require purchasing a single, or a full set of tires.

Ready? Let’s turn on the engine and start rolling through the Information that I will give to you, just do not forget to tighten your seatbelts, the safe ride is the right ride!

PhotoNameCheck Price
Best For All-WeathersContinental CrossContact LX20
Best EfficiencyBridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
Best StabilityMichelin Premier LTX
Best ComfortabilityMichelin Latitude Tour HP
Best OverallContinental Extreme Contact DWS06
Note: Before buying, make sure you are choosing the correct tire size. You can check that on your car’s wheels. Here is a guide showing you how to find your tire size.

The 5 Best Tires For Mercedes ML350

5. Continental CrossContact LX20 

The CrossContact LX20 is a quality, touring all-season tire that merges durability and versatile performance under dry, wet and snow conditions while maximizing your comfort as much as possible! So, let’s get started right away so that you will have a better insight of what can you expect from this tire!

Speaking of the design, this particular model measures 29.1 x 29.1 x 10.1-inches, has an H-rated speed, rim diameter of 18-inches, an aspect ratio of 55, and if we analyze these specs in details, we can conclude that this tire is suitable for SUVs, pickups, and crossovers including your Mercedes ML-350!

What makes this tire different from the others on the market is its eco-friendly tread compound that was manufactured by using Tg-F polymers and Silane additives. These materials help tremendously in terms of improving traction, reducing the expenditure of fuel and enhancing the treadwear!

The internal part of this unit is composed of twin steel belts that are reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide which will dramatically improve the overall strength and durability of the tire itself, and as a matter of fact, Continental rates this tire at 70,000-miles driven which says a lot about the quality of this tire!

Across this there, there are four circumferential grooves built into its symmetrical tread design along with traction grooves which,as the name suggests, improve the traction on both, wet and snowy roads, but what’s interesting about them that they are positioned strategically with the intention to lessen road noise and improve your ride also on dry surfaces!

I would also like to mention that users have reported to us that the noise produced by this tire is fairly smooth and their vehicle remained stable on the highway at high speeds, while on the other side, the responsive steering and the fact that this tire is solid in the corners by default means that you will surely experience what others already did!

What also got my attention is that the LX20 has proven itself as a worthy and reliable tire that offers pretty good traction even in light terrain, and this is awesome if you prefer going off-road from time to time.

Before we end, I would like to note that it is advisable that you purchase a full set of the LX20 tire due to the fact that, this is how you get the most of the tire in terms of handling, acceleration, traction, etc. In fact, users have reported to us that they liked the fact that this Continental provides a 30-day trial period which is more than enough to know whether this tire suits your preferences or not. Although I think that you will gonna like it.

Overall, the CrossContact LX20 deserves your attention, because it is a reliable, fuel-efficient tire that can drastically enhance your driving experience throughout the seasons!

4. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is a versatile, all-season tire that would be an ideal option for you if you want to replace your existing tires with brand new, fuel-efficient tire(s) that will offer you stable traction in virtually any weather condition including light snow!

From a design perspective, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus boasts symmetric tread pattern that is specifically designed to put an end to the noise levels regardless if you’re driving short or long distances, while the inclusion of its lateral notches and sipes makes this tire highly capable in providing strong traction in dry, wet and light snowy conditions!

In addition, one of the biggest highlights regarding this tire is the Armor Tek3 Carcass Protection which basically means that the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus` employs full 3-ply carcass in the tread and the sidewall, which according to the manufacturer leads up to 50% protection against impact damage than the ordinary, 2-ply tires! 3-ply tires such as this one can even be used in off-road conditions, and if your hobby is exactly this, then there would be really good news for you!

Moreover, the internal part of the tire employs two steel belts that are strengthened with spirally wound nylon and polyester cords, which distribute a higher level of support under the tread area and stabilize tire’s sidewalls with the intention to improve your driving experience as much as possible!

The manufacturer has also included a so-called “flex groove” which is basically a small, circumferential groove position in the buttress region whose primary purpose is to offer a specific designed flex pint in the tire with the intention to aid your ride by making it be smoother and minimize the impact that is often caused by roads that lack quality! By lack of quality, I think of roads that have potholes, gravel, etc. The presence of the flex groove comes handy when you require driving off-road as well, due to the fact that its presence contributes highly in making this tire highly capable to pass through tough obstacles, and I have to admit that the manufacturer has done a pretty good job here!

According to those who have already purchased this tire, the traction on wet and dry terrain is truly exclusive, since the overall ride felt incredibly smooth and users had really good control over the vehicle!

Lastly, H/L Alenza Plus is exceptionally durable, and this is worthy of mentioning due to the fact that Bridgestone includes a gigantic, 80,000-mile tread warranty which makes this tire one of the most durable in its category! Good job, Bridgestone!

To summarize, I strongly recommend you consider the Bridgestone Dueler H/Alenza Plus, and if you ever decide to purchase it, be prepared for a safe and smooth ride in any season!

3. Michelin Premier LTX

The Michelin Premier LTX is among the highest-rated all-season tires on the market, and I’m sure that as you were doing research about tires, this name has popped up multiple times on the Internet, and this has to mean something, right? Well, now you will find out what’s so special about it and why’s the whole hype going around this tire!

Desing-wise, this particular unit measure 30.5 x 30.5 x 10.7-inches, has an aspect ratio of 60, T-rated speed, rim diameter of 18-inches, and sports a radial construction that incorporates sunflower oil and silica to its compound with a purpose to offer your vehicle a stable and highly increased traction in cold and wet conditions!

Furthermore, Michelin incorporated multiple technologies throughout the crafting process, and each of them is unique in its own way and contributes to the overall quality of the tire.

For instance, the Michelin EverGrip Technology provides Expanding Rain Grooves that are positioned around the tire’s circumference and them as the tire wears, and Emerging Grooves placed at the shoulders which later open up across each shoulder with the intention to retain more traction in wet and cold conditions!

Driving on a dry road will be butter-smooth once you get this tire, and the reason is pretty simple since the centre rib is flanked by notched ribs and shoulder blocks that help your vehicle’s responsiveness so that you will have better handling on dry roads!

The internal structure of this tire merges two steel belts that are reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide cord as well as a polyester casing ply, which when combined, offer a higher level of uniformity, comfort, while improving your handling dramatically as you’re driving!

In addition, users claim that Michelin LTX offers the driver a truly comfortable ride, and to be honest, they aren’t far from the truth, due to the fact that the silica and sunflower oil makes this tire more impact-absorbing. To be even more precise, they help the tire to absorb a large number of bumps that can be found on the road, and allow you have a quiet and pleasant ride even if you’re driving more than 50mph!

In the end, this is also a durable tire that is above average in its class because it is backed for up to 60,000-miles, so, you will unlikely have to invest in another set of tires for a fairly long period of time!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a tire that performs exceptionally good and it is capable enough to let you have a safe and virtually noise-free drive on wet and dry roads, then you should take a look at the Michelin Premier LTX!

2. Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Latitude Tour HP is Michelin’s state-of-the-art crossover all-season tire that is engineered to set your driving experience to a whole new level thanks to the technologies and materials used throughout the manufacturing process! Intrigued? Let’s dive into action right away!

Aesthetically speaking, this tire measures 30 x 30 x 9-inches, has an aspect ratio of 50, W-rated speed, rim diameter of 20-inches and features two different compounds in one which is extraordinary good, considering the fact that this aids the balance of traction on virtually any kind of road surfaces, maximizes the braking performance and reduces the rolling resistance so that you can pass more miles while saving the fuel!

Michelin has introduced 2D Active Sipes and wide, circumferential grooves to the tire, and this offers numerous benefits such as an increased grip on slush-covered roads, and increased wet traction, while at the inside, there are twin steel belts and Michelin’s Filament At Zero degrees (FAZ) technology which is basically a polyester and aramid/nylon set under the tread. The Faz technology is focused on distributing high-speed handling because, for your information, the aramid is a really special material that is widely being used for crafting bulletproof vests! Just imagine what does this material promises in practice!

The manufacturer has utilized Secure Lock Tread Blocks as well, whose presence can be felt instantly during your ride. Namely, this means that the tread blocks will remain open while you’re having a casual, normal drive, but, once you achieve higher speeds, they will lock under acceleration, so, the added performance received in a return will surely enhance the driving experience!

I’ve also received some reports from the customers on the market,and most of them were focused on the tire’s ability not only to distribute a smooth ride on wet and dry surfaces, but also on light snow, since their vehicle remained easy to be controlled, and by default, this means that regardless of the season, your ride will always be safe!

For your information, depending on the size, in general, Michelin latitude Tour HP comes with a 55,000-mile or 45,000-mile tread guarantee which is awesome if you ask me since you will have plenty of driving time before you would have to substitute them with a new, full set tires.

After all, you should not be in doubt why is this tire being heavily purchased by owners of a variety of different SUVs and crossovers including owners of Mercedes ML-350, mainly because of the fact that Michelin has proven themselves once again, that they are among the leading tire manufacturers on the market!

To conclude, the Michelin Latitude Tour HP is a must-have product for everyone who wants to invest in a highly-reliable tire that combines everything needed that guarantees a top-notch performance exactly as you’d expect from Michelin!

1. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 

The Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 would be an ideal tire for everyone who is desperately looking to invest in a high-performance, all-year tire that expands the meaning of the attributes such as safety, confident and comfortable ride to a nearly unmatchable level!

When it comes to the design, the Extreme Contact DWS06 utilizes a high quantity of silica and saline additives to its tread compound which definitely plays a huge role, especially with the performance, due to the fact that they enhance your grip on wet surfaces while extending the tread life as much as possible!

Continental has molded this compound into asymmetrical tread design that is accompanied by Chamfered Edges which are meant to aid the maximum tread’s contact while you’re riding on dry surfaces, while the Traction Grooves which are placed in the bottom of the tread grooves will be there for you to help you achieve a genuine, 3D snow traction!

Before we move forward, I’d like to briefly include the dimensions of this tire. Well, the ExtremeContact DWS 06 measures 27 x 10 .2 x 27-inches, has a rim diameter of 19-inches, an aspect ratio of 40, section width of 10.2-inches and if we inspect these dimensions closely, I can easily say that even if you’re not an owner of Mercedes ML-350, if you’re driving a vehicle of this type you should not hesitate to get this tire!

Moving on, tire’s internal structure utilizes two steel belts that are supported with spirally wound jointless nylon cap piles which will bring you numerous benefits including integrity under high-speeds, offering more uniform ride quality and reduced weight for your ultimate driving experience!

The manufacturer did not stop here. Continental has implemented X-sipes that are separated by high-angle, Criss-Cross grooves with an idea to distribute you the best possible traction not only in dry conditions but also on light snow and wet surfaces.

Wet surfaces would not be a cause of hydroplaning anymore with this tire, and you should thank the integrated, independent inboard shoulder which does a truly amazing job in removing disperse water!

I’d also like to mention a few words regarding the experiences that users had with this tire. Well, a huge portion of them stated that they were very satisfied by the performance that this tire outputs in practice, and liked the QuickView Indicators mostly because of the fact that they had an insight regarding the level of wear. To be more precise, the indicators can be found on the tire with the letters “DWS” (Dry, Wet, Snow). What’s interesting is that once you see that the “S” is worn away, the “DW” would indicate you that the tire is from now on, appropriate only for dry and wet conditions and should not be used when driving on snowy terrain. Once the “W” and “S” worn away, the remaining “D” indicates that the tire should e used only for dry conditions.

In summary, you should seriously consider the Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 as your next purchase, and if you ever decide to purchase it, you will feel what makes this tire different from the others on the market!

Tips on how to change the tires of your Mercedes ML-350

First of all, make sure that you have a car jack, spare tire, and a 19mm lug nut wrench. After you get these tools and have ensured that your vehicle is turned off and parked properly you should do the following:

  • By using your lug wrench, try to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire but only loosen, do not remove completely. It should take only a single turn.
  • Elevate your Mercedes Benz until you notice that the flat tire hovers is approximately 3 inches off the ground
  • Now, completely remove all lug nuts completely
  • Pull the tire straight and remove it carefully
  • The next step should be to gently kick the rubber part of the tire so that you can take it off the wheel hub
  • Set your new tire(s) on the wheel hub and align the lug nuts holes with the matching holes.
  • Lower your vehicle to the ground by cranking the jack counter-clockwise and remove the jack from underneath the car.
  • Finally, tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern once the car is lowered to the ground. That’s it

I’d advise you follow the instructions of the manufacturers as well, and if you find this process hard then do not hesitate to hire a certified professional that can do this for you!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: Is 40psi of pressure considered as a good or as a bad thing?

A: In general, the placard notes 32 psi, however, I’d recommend you NOT to exceed the recommended pressure of the vehicle you’re riding since the listed psi is the maximum pressure that the tire can hold. Overinflation may cause you bouncy ride and quicker wear as a result of the increased friction.

Q: Which tires are the best for Mercedes ML-350?

A: It depends mainly on the amount of money you intend to invest in purchasing a tire and the type. The closest answer to this question would be the tires that are listed in this article. Each of them has a different price and unique characteristics.

Q: When should I replace the tires of my Mercedes?

A: Mercedes recommends replacing your tires every six years, no matter the miles you’ve passed. I’d advise you stick to their recommendation because they know more than anyone of us regarding their vehicles.

Q: What may happen if I replace just one tire?

A: Usually, not only Mercedes but most of the car and tires manufacturers on the market advise replacing all 4 tires of your vehicle, because by doing this, you can expect the best performance of your car.

Q: What about two tires at a time?

A: Yet again, 4 is what is recommended, replacing 1 or 2 will be at your own risk.