Best Tires For Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Imprezza is a mid–sized compact sedan manufactured by the Japanese automobile Subaru. Now in its 5th generation, the Imprezza boosts of an incredible 152 horsepower and 145 lb-ft of torque. This is impressive for a vehicle in its class. The vehicle offers a near perfect balance between ride and handling. Tires are quite an integral part in the optimal performance of any vehicle and the Imprezza is no exception. Vehicle tires are one of the most crucial movable parts of a vehicle that need regular replacement. Tires are exposed to the elements and as such it is important to get the right tire for the prevailing weather conditions of the area it will be operating from.

It is important to also do a physical examination of the tires to assess the extent of the ware and tear. Experts recommend using the simple yet very effective coin trick. The process entails inserting a coin into the Imprezza’s tire treads. If the coin slides in past 1/8th of an inch then the tires definitely need replacement. Excessively damaged treads, tire discoloration, Producing sounds when you take turns and cracking sidewalls of the tire are also warning signs that confirm tire replacement required.

The section that follows below is a list of potential tires that we think might be good fit for the Subaru Imprezza. We have included some touring all-season tires, summer tires and all-season tires:

The 6 Best Tires For Subaru Impreza

Summer Performance Tires

6. The Firestone Fire hawk Indy 500

These were designed for all types of sporty vehicles, sedans, and coupes. It offers one of the best traction and cornering performance against other tires in its class. The manufacturer incorporated the use of silica-enhanced tread compound that increases traction and vehicle handling. It also comes with aggressive and asymmetric car treads that enhance cornering grip and stability regardless of speeds. It also has the continuous centre rib that improves steering response. The new Firestone’s Pulse Groove Technology fitted in the tires assists with wet road traction and shortens the required braking distance. The tire also has two high-tensile steel belts with a polyester casing that provide extra strength and reinforcement resulting in a longer lasting tire. Some of the outstanding advantages of these tires are the excellent dry and wet traction, excellent cornering grip, very quiet, excellent performance and great value for your money. The only major demerit of these all-season tires is that it should never be driven on Icy and Snowy conditions.

5. BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2

They come with silica-enhanced compound that provide much better wet and dry grip. The silica-enhanced compound has rubber filers that reduce tread wear and gives the tires a longer lifespan. The manufacturer claims a warranty of between 30k-40k miles. The silica compound together with the performance racing core equip the tire with a much better grip on wet slippery surfaces.

The manufacturer claims a 30% increase in wet road traction from its previous older version of the Tires. An 8% improvement in dry surface traction has also been recorded by the manufacturer. This newer tire model has been fitted with the latest in tire technology with the adoption of the ‘g-hooks’ and ‘g-control’ increase the vehicle grip on the road surface at any cornering angle. They are also fitted with two high-tensile steel belts on the inside for added durability and strength. Its major merits include; provides excellent wet road traction, superior steering response and handling, and excellent tire grip when negotiating corners. However, the tires normally produce an irritating noise as the tread wears.

All-Season Performance Tires

4. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

It features the New SportPlus Technology that has added amounts of silica and silane additives. All these work to enhance traction on wet road surfaces, enhance tire durability, and enable more precise vehicle handling. The manufacturer added traction grooves and made use of the X-Sipes technology which gives the tire dramatic improvement when it comes to tire grip in the rain or snow. It also allows for improved braking and cornering performance.

The steering is also very crisp and responsive on these tires. The tire also has the Alignment Verification System and the Tuned Performance Indicators that assist in showing you how well the tire is wearing and whether there is proper wheel alignment.

The tires has a much-improved cornering ability, longer lasting tread life, outstanding traction on both wet and dry surfaces and very responsive and precise steering.

3. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3 Plus

This was designed for drivers who are looking for a little bit more traction on both wet and dry conditions, great cornering grip and good handling. The manufacturer has used the Helio+ compound that is infused with high levels of silica.

It also has an asymmetric tread pattern that ensures year round dry and wet traction and perfect handling of the vehicle. The extreme amounts of silica used in the manufacture of this tire and the circumferential grooves results in an excellent wet traction, braking and acceleration. The unique biting edges in the treads deliver better snow traction than any other predecessor of this tire series.

The manufacturer claims 28% better snow traction than the immediate predecessor, it also comes with a 45K warranty. Some of its major merits are as follows; offers excellent dry and wet traction, excellent steering response, good cornering grip and stability, relatively durable and offers unforgettable ride comfort.

Touring All-season Tires

2. Continental Pure Contact

This is a premium all-season tire engineered to provide high performance all year round. The tires provide excellent handling and traction all-year round to ensure a very comfortable ride and maintain high fuel efficiency. The tire has polymers in the tire to give the tire an incredible tread life which in the end ensures value for money.

The tire also has the tuned performance indicators which are basically initials on the outer tread of the tire. D (dry) W (Snow) and W (Wet) which indicate how the tire is wearing out.

The tire also provides an extra layer of cushioning on its rubber which provides a very comfortable ride experience. Merits of this brand include; incredible dry, snow and wet traction, exceptional braking abilities, crisp steering response, excellent ride comfort and a manufacturer warranty of 70k miles.

1. Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-season Plus

This is the newest member of the ultra-high performance all-season tires. Built to deliver precision handling, shorter braking distances and good wet and dry traction. It is meant for sport cars and high-performance sedans like the Subaru Imprezza.

It has an advanced all-season tread compound which contains special silica and polymers to increase wet and dry pavement traction.

The addition of these special compounds ensures very short braking distances. Merits of this series include; good wet traction and braking, excellent handling, and steering response. One major demerit is that tire won’t perform very well in very deep snow and ice

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Tires For Subaru Impreza

Vehicle tires and wheels being one of the most delicate parts of a vehicle need to be well selected to avoid automobile accidents, improve the fuel efficiency and also provide better handling and ride experience. All these are very important as they not only keep you as the driver safe but also other motorists on the road. Therefore, there are several factors that need to seriously considered before purchasing tires. Take the time and special consideration of all these factors to ensure you get value for money and the most suitable tire for your Imprezza.

The first factor we are going to look at is the manufacturer claim/warranty. Many tire manufacturers usually claim a warranty on their tires usually in mileage form or number of years of usage. Once the mileage recommended by the producer is exhausted, you may need to pay special attention to the tires to assess whether or not they need replacement. The date of manufacture is also very crucial. As we all know several tire dealers, especially the not so busy ones, usually stock tires that are already several years old. The date of manufacture can normally be found on the tires sidewall. So don’t buy tires that have been laying in the stockiest shop for years, exposure to the elements for long will most definitely affect the tire quality. Go for the most recent production date as possible. Other important information that can be found on the tires sidewall are the tire section width, the aspect ratio, tire radius, the tire diameter, tire load ratings, and the speed rating. All these need to conform to your Subaru Imprezza’s specifications.

Another very important factor that needs consideration before making that final decision to purchase tires is the size of the tire. This is the most important factor to consider as you need to get the perfect size. Most drivers usually determine the size of their tire by just checking the ones they want to replace. The size is usually indicated on the tire sidewall like mentioned above.

The weather and environmental factors the Imprezza will be subjected to is yet another very critical factor. You need to choose the right tire for the weather conditions so as to ensure you get the best possible fuel use efficiency. Fuel efficiency is determined by other several sub-factors. Wet grip is the measure of just how the car tires brake on wet slippery road surfaces. This has a direct bearing on the overall fuel efficiency. External rolling noise also is an indicator that the tires are not running efficiently. High speed vehicle stability, Mileage and Durability, Aqua planning (curved and straight) and traction are other very important factors that need to be considered before purchasing tires for your Imprezza

The day to day weather conditions also play a part in the performance and durability of the tires. If you live in cold places or will be driving around during the winter, then you need to get custom made winter tires so as to maintain fuel efficiency. Winter tires usually have larger gaps between the treads so as to allow for more traction. The tires were designed to be ridden on winter road surfaces of below 450F/70C. These tires have undergone all the necessary winter traction performance tests and have been approved for winter use. However, if you live in extremely cold areas that get pounded by severe winter, you may need to use extra specialized winter tires. These winter tires come equipped with protruding ceramic studs that give the Imprezza more stability and good grip on the compacted wet ice or snow. However, only use these kinds of tires on heavy ice and snow otherwise the ceramic studs will damage both the road and the vehicle tire if used on normal dry road surfaces. They will also increase the rolling resistance reducing the fuel efficiency of the Subaru. So what makes the winter tires special and very well adapted to counter compacted ice and snow. First of all, they come with hydrophilic rubber compounds that increase friction between the tire surface and the Icy road surface. They also come with a smaller aspect ratio between the diameter of the tire and the width of the trends so as to reduce resistance brought about by the ploughing effect of the tires when moving over deep snow. They also come pre-installed with extra slits that provide more biting edges on the compacted ice and snow and hence increase vehicle traction.

Summer tires on the other hand are specifically designed to ride on dry normal road during the winter seasons. Driving them during the winter will result in the tires losing their traction properties.

The best suited tires for the Subaru Imprezza bearing in mind that the vehicle wasn’t designed to go off-road would be the all-season tires. Though a bit pricey these tires offer excellent traction and good friction between the road and the tire surfaces. There are a few fundamental differences between an all-season tire and the summer tires. All-season tires have more sipes to provide more traction during light snowy conditions. All-seasons tires also have rubber compounds that offer acceptable performance over a wider temperature range. Summer tires were designed for temperatures above 70C. If you drive summer tires on temperatures below that, it would seriously hamper the performance of the Subaru Imprezza and may also damage the tires. Summer tires have rounded contours which work to ensure enough road grip and reduce rolling resistance.