Best Tires for Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander remains to be one of the best SUV vehicles that you can own. It’s spacious, strong, and has a powerful engine. However, most owners have struggled with finding the right tire for their Toyota Highlander.

I have been receiving requests from people asking me for recommendations for the best tires. Many people have a struggle in finding durable and strong tires for their vehicles. I was intrigued to take this challenge and research the best tires for Toyota Highlander.

It took me more than three months of searching and testing different tires. I have based this review on my experience with the tires that I tested.

My review touches on the durability of the tires, the technology that has been used to manufacture them, prices, and whether I recommend them.

Which Are The Best Tires For Toyota Highlander?

If you don’t have an idea on how to find the best Toyota Highlander tire, the information in this article will be of great use.

8. General Grabber HTS60

The General Grabber HTS60 was made to replace the HTS series, which it did in a remarkable manner. The HTS60 has an improved treadwear, durability, performance, and comfort all combined in one. The tire has a 25 percent wear improvement compared to the HTS model.

The HTS60 is suitable for vans, SUVs, trucks, and pickups due to the presence of the new compound that is cut and chip resistant. The tire gets an overall treadlife due to the use of DuraGen Technology which has improved on this aspect.

The tire offers the car more stability when carrying heavy loads due to the LT sizes. The metric sizes are essential since they provide more traction on any surface.

The notched shoulders, intermediate tread blocks, and the continuous center rib work together to improve the dry traction of the tire, handling, and steering response.

You can drive on wet surfaces easily since the circumferential groove helps to channel the water away from the tire, which reduces the risks of hydroplaning. The added sipes come in handy when you are driving on snow-covered areas, as they give it the biting edge.

Enjoying a quiet, comfortable ride is made possible by the use of the sound barrier ribs by the company.

An added layer of rubber works together with Comfort Balance Technology to make the ride smooth over bumps and obstacles.

The two steel belts inside the tire add more strength and durability to the tire. General show their faith in their tire as they offer a 50,000-mile warranty to their buyers.


  • Better traction on wet, dry, and icy surfaces
  • Improved tread life
  • Better cornering and braking on wet and icy roads


  • I couldn’t find anything negative about this tire

 7. Yokohama YK-HTX

The all-season tire is better suited for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers. The manufacturers have done their best to come up with a tire that has an improved treadlife, comfort, and above all, better traction.

The tire can withstand cold temperatures and wet surfaces due to the use of high silica and orange oil.

Steering and handling have been improved due to the sidewall and contact patch, which also improves the treadwear.

The 3D sipes play an important role in the tire’s ability to withstand wet pavements easily. Driving on icy roadways have been made easy due to the added sipes which improve traction on these surfaces.

The two steel belts inside the tire are critical for added strength and durability of the tire.

The manufacturer offers a 65,000-mile warranty when you purchase this tire.


  • Comfortable ride
  • Quiet ride
  • Improved traction on wet surfaces
  • Better treadlife


  • Not preferred for off-road

6. Continental CrossContact LX20

The LX20 provides an all-season performance to the drivers of SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. EcoPlus Technology is critical in providing added traction to the tire, which allows it to be used on any surface.

The reduced rotation resistance helps to conserve fuel which makes it affordable. The dry surface traction is improved due to the use of independent tread blocks and a continuous center rib. It also helps to improve steering response and handling.

The tire has better traction on icy and wet roads due to the use of Traction Grooves, four circumferential grooves, and symmetric tread pattern. The tread also plays a part in reducing road noise, which improves the quality of the ride.

For added strength and durability, you will find two steel belts that are wrapped with a polyamide. The company shows its faith in this product by offering a 70,000-mile warranty to its users.


  • Improved traction on all surfaces
  • Comfortable ride
  • Responsive handling and steering


  • You may experience some vibration on hostile pavements and against obstacles

5. Michelin Premier LTX

Michelin has been known to be an outstanding company in manufacturing better tires in the market. The Premier LTX is their latest addition and has not disappointed a bit. The tire is designed for SUVs, vans, and pickups since it provides an all-season performance.

The high number of silica combined with sunflower oil gives this tire better traction on any surface. They have handled the wet surface traction by the use of asymmetric tread pattern together with EverGrip Technology. As a result, you get a tire that has short braking capabilities on all surfaces.

As the tire wears down, the tread grooves are widened by EverGrip which gives the new grooves to emerge. This way, the tire will always maintain the same traction on wet surfaces even as it wears down.

The company has worked on noise reduction which offers the driver a smooth and comfortable ride.

The two steel belts that can be found inside the tire gives it more strength and treadlife, which is something other tires in its class have failed to address.

Michelin offers a 60,000-mile warranty when you buy this specific tire.


  • Better wet traction
  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Quiet tires even at high speed
  • Impeccable winter traction


  • I couldn’t find any problem with this tire

4. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus

Pirelli created a tire that is environmental and fuel friendly to the users. It offers better performances without sacrificing comfort and smooth ride.

You can save fuel and conserve the environment due to the reduced rolling resistance capabilities of the tire. The asymmetric tread pattern, coupled with high contents of silica allows the tire to have improved traction and grip on the majority of surfaces.

The use of uniform contact patch with the rubber-to-void ratio means that the tire can experience even tread wear.

The four circumferential grooves help to channel water beneath the tire reducing the risk on hydroplaning, which gives you the ability to drive on wet pavements.

You can drive on icy roads due to the lateral sipes and longitudinal sipes which gives it the biting edge on a snow-covered surface.

The two steel belts that can be located inside the tire are responsible for added strength and durability.

Pirelli stands by this tire by offering a 65,000-mile warranty to their clients.


  • Better performances compared to its predecessor
  • Improved traction on all surfaces
  • Comfortable driving
  • Different sizes to choose


  • I couldn’t pinpoint any negative issue with the tire

3. Cooper Discoverer A/T3

The Discoverer A/T3 is known for providing the same level of performance on and off the roads. The balanced tread design makes it possible for you to enjoy the same level of driving experience on highways and other terrains.

The on-road handling and the stability of the tire have been made possible due to the use of five ribbed design.

What makes it possible for you to enjoy the same level of performance and traction on all terrains is due to the use of divided center rib.

The tire’s image is improved by the aggressive shoulders, which also help provides it traction on soft surfaces.

The tire has even tread wear due to the zigzag siping structure, which is also responsible for reducing the road noise. They also play a significant role in improving the stability of the tire since they help to remove pebbles and stones from the tire.

It has impressive traction on wet surfaces which makes it stand out from the rest of the tires in its class.

The company offers a 55,000-mile warranty when you buy this model.


  • Better grip and traction on any surface
  • Quiet tires on highways
  • Ability to clean itself from pebbles and stones
  • Better off-road tractions


  • A bit costly but the price is justifiable

2. Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

The tire offers you all-terrain performances and smooth rides on highways as well. It’s specifically designed for SUVs, pickups, and vans. If you need more grip and acceleration on any surface and terrain, the aggressive tread pattern makes it possible for you to get them both.

When you are driving on hostile terrain, you won’t have to worry about tires getting punctured since it’s made of a thicker tread compound.

You will get better traction on snow, sand, mud, and other surfaces due to the tread pattern. It’s also designed to provide a comfortable ride on smooth surfaces as well.

The tire has better traction on wet and icy surfaces due to the zigzag tread pattern, which also makes it better equipped for off-road use.

The width of the tire is 8 percent more compared to other tires in its class. This gives it even tread wear and more contact with the surface. It also contains the two steel belts that give it more strength and durability.

The company offers a 50,000-mile warranty to their clients.


  • Improved steering response and handling
  • Long lasting treadlife
  • Better traction on all surfaces and terrains
  • Comfortable rides on highways


  • I couldn’t pinpoint anything negative with the tire

1. Pirelli Scorpion ATR

The all-terrain tire is better suited for trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs. The company has used better technology which has led to improved performances and added traction on any surface.

The asymmetric tread pattern works well with high contents of silica in this tire to improve traction and handling on the dry surface. The radial shoulder grooves have enhanced handling and braking.

Driving on wet surfaces has been made easy due to the circumferential grooves and lateral shoulder grooves which has improved its traction on this pavement.

The interlocked tread blocks combine with added sipes which gives the tire an improved grip on the sand, grass, and rocky terrains.

The two steel belts covered with nylon inside the tire are responsible for added strength and durability of the tire. You will benefit from the 40,000-mile warranty from the company.


  • Better off-road traction
  • Better treadlife
  • Comfortable ride on highways


  • They may need to improve on the wet and icy road tractions

My Take on these Tires

It took me three months to test all the tires that I have mentioned. They all performed exceptionally on all terrains. They are highly affordable and are worth the money.

Who can Buy these Tires?

If you own a Toyota Highlander and have been struggling with finding the right tire, you should consider buying any of these tires I have mentioned. The tires will offer you an all-terrain performance which will come in handy if you travel most of the time.


Every tire that I have mentioned can be perfect for your vehicle. They provide better performances on any surface and will be beneficial to you especially if you drive a lot.

After three months of using and testing these tires, I am comfortable to recommend them to anyone who needs high-performance tires.

I am not affiliated with any of these companies, and my opinion is based on my experience when using the tires.

If there is any information or details that I have left out regarding any of these tires, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.

I hope the information in this article was useful to you. I would like to encourage you to share this article with others so that they can benefit as well.