Best Tires for Toyota Prius in 2019

Toyota Prius is one of the most common vehicles that you can find in America. Even with such popularity, people have been experiencing problems finding the right tire for their vehicles. Most of them have quoted tread life as the main problem with the majority of the tires.

Finding the right tire for your Toyota Prius is not an easy thing. I have been receiving a countless number of requests from most of my readers who ask me to review the best Toyota Prius tires.

It took me a while to get the right candidates and write a detailed review of every one of them. My review is mainly focused on the tread life, quality, strength, and traction of the tire.

I hope the information contained in this article will be of great use to you.

Which Are The Best Tires For Toyota Prius?

7. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Goodyear released this tire aiming to help car owners find an all-season tire that helps to save fuel. The tire is better used by SUVs, sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossover. The company states in their website that car owners who use this tire end up saving over 2,600 miles worth of gas by the end of the lifespan of the tire.

The tire offers outstanding dry weather traction through the use of circumferential groove, shoulder blocks, and the continuous center rib, while also providing better traction on wet surfaces as well.

The Dual Aquachannel Grooves are responsible for channeling the water away from the tire, which reduces the risks of hydroplaning while offering wet surface traction as well.

You can drive on the snow-covered surfaces by the help of zigzag macro grooves which provide the biting edge, which comes in handy in offering traction on this surface.

The two steel belts in the tire offer it more strength and durability. The company provides a 65,000-mile warranty to the users.


  • There is an improvement of dry traction and overall response
  • Better wet surface traction
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Very affordable


  • The company needs to improve on the winter traction

6. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

No one can deny the fact that Bridgestone has a strong reputation for manufacturing the best tires in the world. The company have had years of experience, and the majority of their products have stood out from the rest. The Ecopia EP422 Plus is one of these tires. The tire was designed for SUVs, sedans, coupes, and crossovers.

The tire’s reduced resistance is made possible by NanoPro-Tech, which makes it possible for you to save fuel while using it. The company has stated that you can get 20 miles per tank when you use this tire.

The independent center blocks work together with the symmetric tread pattern to improve dry traction. The combination is also useful in boosting the steering response and stability.

The wet traction has been made possible by the circumferential grooves, which manage to channel the water away from the tire, hence allowing you to drive on any wet surface. You can also drive on a snow-covered surface due to the multiple sipes that act as biting edge on the tire, which allows the tire to get traction on this surface.

The two steel belts inside the tire have been helpful in providing additional durability and strength. The company offers a 70,000-mile warranty for those who purchase this tire.


  • Improved cornering stability
  • Better traction on wet, dry, and icy surfaces
  • Reduced rotation resistance which is essential for fuel efficiency


  • The company could work to improve the winter traction

5. Continental PureContact Radial Tire

There is no way you can mention impressive tires without mentioning tires from Continental. They have been providing the best tires over the years, and PureContact Radial is one of them. The company has invested heavily to make sure that this company offers better performances than any other in the same class.

Eco Plus technology is used to has played a significant role in ensuring that the tire gets better treadwear while also enabling the tire to lower the rotation resistance. This way, you are able to save fuel and get all-season performance.

The use of the Tuned Performance Indicator comes in handy by showing you how the tread is wearing on different surfaces. This way, you will know when the tread cannot perform on a specific surface, and it’s time to replace it.

The tire offers comfort while driving due to the use of ComfortRide technology that adds a cushion layer of rubber that is meant to absorb the bumps on any surface.

The two steel belts that can be found inside the tire come in handy by providing added strength and durability to the tire.

The company offers a 70,000-mile warranty to anyone who buys this product.


  • Outstanding braking abilities
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Improved wet, snow, and dry traction


  • There was nothing to worry about with the tire

4. Hankook Kinergy ST H735

Kinergy ST H735 is one of the best and most unique all-season tires that we have today. It has improved traction, better handling, and short braking capabilities compared to other tires in its class. The company has used innovations to enhance the treadlife of this tire.

The tire provides more traction on different surfaces due to high levels of silica in the tire. This way, the tire can perform on different surfaces and temperatures without experiencing much pressure.

The circumferential grooves help to channel the water away from the tire, which reduces the risks of hydroplaning. You get better traction when you use this tire.

The company has invested in noise reduction, which enables you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Inside the tire, there are two steel belts that help to improve the durability and strength of the tire.

The company is offering a 65,000-mile warranty to its clients when they buy this tire.


  • Better traction on wet and dry surfaces
  • Low rolling resistance which is critical is saving fuel
  • Comfortable and quiet ride


  • It may not perform well in winter

3. Yokohama Avid S All Season Tire

If you are looking for a low-cost, all-season, and high-performance tire, then Avid S is the best option for you. The tire is meant for all types of sedans, coupes, and SUVs. The company has done its best to make sure that its tire stands out from the crowd.

The tire has better traction and an improved treadlife due to symmetric tread pattern that the company designed on this tire. The wet and dry traction has been improved on by the use of extra siping.

The steering response stability of the tire is enhanced by the use of Twin Rail Stability Rib. This technology is also responsible for noise reduction as well.

The wet surface traction is made possible by the circumferential groove working together with Tampered Rain Channels, which helps to eliminate water from the tire, which ends up reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

The two steel belts that can be found inside the tire helps to give the tire a longer lifespan and added strength. The company offers a 65,000-mile warranty when you purchase this tire.


  • Improved traction on dry surfaces
  • Better treadlife
  • Comfortable, quiet, and smooth ride
  • Very affordable


  • The company can improve on wet traction

2. Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Tire

The TA11 was designed to replace the old KR21which was a great tire, but needed to have some upgrades. The tire can be used on minivans, sedans, coupes, and crossovers. The company has used impressive technology and included better features which allow the tire to perform well on all surfaces.

The asymmetric tread pattern works well with the silicon carbon to reduce the temperatures of the tire, which in return, helps to save fuel. It’s also responsible for better grip and traction on every surface.

The tire doesn’t have better traction on wet surfaces, but the circumferential grooves try to handle these issues by offering little traction on this surface. However, the tire performs outstandingly on a snow-covered surface through the biting edges that are provided by the zigzag sipes.

ESCOT casing technology helps to reduce the road noise while offering the ride comfort to you on any road. The technology has also enhanced the steering response and stability of the tire.

The two steel belts inside the tire are there for durability and added strength of the tire.

The company offers a 75,000-mile warranty to those who purchase this tire.


  • There is an improved treadlife
  • Quiet and smooth ride
  • Better traction on dry surfaces


  • The company can improve on wet traction

1. Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tire

Michelin has been in this line of work for nearly a century and has managed to create better tires than its competitors. The all-season, the fuel-efficient tire is one of the best tires that Michelin has produced. It’s meant to be used by coupes, sedans, and SUVs. The tire has amazing features that make it stand out from the rest.

The tire has a lower rotation resistance which is made possible by the tread compound that has a high content of silica. The tire has shorter braking distance, improved handling, and better traction due to the use of symmetric tread design. Michelin believes that the company has a shorter braking distance compared to other tires in its class.

The lateral and circumferential grooves work together with the multiple sipes to give the tire better-wet surface traction. The grooves are responsible for eliminating water from beneath the tire, which helps to reduce the chances of hydroplaning.

The company has used Comfort Control Technology, which is critical in ensuring noise reduction on the road, which gives you a comfortable and quiet ride. This feature comes in handy on every road surface.

The two steel belts inside the tire are meant to improve the tire’s durability and strength, which gives it a long treadlife. The tire has even treadwear which ensures you become aware of the miles that you tire still has.

The company offers a 65,000-mile warranty to people who buy this tire.


  • You get a quiet and comfortable ride
  • An improved treadlife
  • Excellent wet traction


  • The company should improve on winter traction
  • Handling and cornering need some work as well.

My Take on These Tires

It took me a while to sift through hundreds of potential tires so that I could buy and review these tires. However, my research showed that these tires provide you with all the performance that a Toyota Prius may need. The tractions and handling were terrific. The tires are affordable which is an advantage since they provide better performances than other tires.

I believe that these tires are excellent for any Toyota Prius. Their all-season performance is an added advantage. The companies and manufacturers are accommodating and are always ready to assist you in case you need their help.

Who Can Buy These Tires?

If you have been searching for a high-performance, all-season tire that is affordable, I believe that any of these tires may suffice. Finding a tire that offers all-season traction for your Toyota Prius that is within the budget is not as easy as people may think.


After months of taking notes and countless attempts to find out details about these tires, I am convinced that they are among the best Toyota Prius tires that we have.

My review is based on the experience that I had with the tire. I have done my best to give honest opinions and share all my findings in this article.

The tire brands are well-known and have been used by many people, who have given them better reviews.

If you believe that there is any information that I may have missed, I will encourage you to share it in the comment section.

I hope that the information contained in this article was useful to you. I would encourage you to share this article with others who may need this information as well.