Best Tires for Toyota Sienna in 2019

Toyota Sienna has gained popularity over the last decade as one of the coolest minivans in the market today. The new generation is more inclined to owning SUVs and Crossovers as the cool go-to choices of family automobiles, but the Toyota Sienna still maintains its place up there with the best. To get most of it, it is essential to have a good set of tires. Having the best tires not only makes your car to last longer but also offers safe driving even in the most challenging conditions.

Not many car owners are equipped with the necessary information regarding finding the best tires for their vehicles. Here is a quick list of the ten best tires for Toyota Sienna to help you enjoy your driving experience, no matter where you go.

The Top 10 Tires For Toyota Sienna

10. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Blizzak WS80 is engineered to withstand winter’s worst conditions. Its main strength lies in its consistency in the cold weather making it one of the most popular choices among car owners.

Bridgestone Blizzak tires have a hydrophilic coating that repels snow and water from the tire, instantly improving traction in such conditions. It also combines NanoPro-Tech and the Multicellular compound that keeps the tire pliable and soft at freezing temperatures. This gives the tire more grip on the ice making it one of the best tires for winter conditions.

Although most winter tires are less durable compared to all-season or summer tires, Blizzak WS80 is one of the most durable tires available in the market. However, you should expect not so good experience when you use these tires in the summer season.

9. Bridgestone DriveGuard Grand Touring All-Season

Bridgestone DriveGuard Grand Touring All-season is currently the best run-flat tire you can have for your Toyota Sienna. It is ideal for every scenario since it functions well in dry conditions, perfect in wet weather and is capable of tackling some light snow.

The tire design includes all-season, silica-enhanced with asymmetric tread for stability with all-season and long wear traction.

DriveGuard Grand Touring All-season is resistant to biting edges and hydroplaning for winter driving because it is furnished with circumferential grooves. The tire is fitted with NanoPro Tech Sidewall technology making it more comfortable. The DriveGuard has twin steel belts to strengthen; the reinforced walls have a spiral wrapped nylon placed on top of the rayon cord casing.

While it does not offer the same comfort as the regular tire, it is rated the most comfortable run flat. You can drive up to 50 miles, with a speed of 50mph with it is punctured.

8. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

Toyota Sienna is commonly used as a family vehicle so comfort must be considered while taking those long road trips. With comfort in mind, Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is the best tire for Toyota Sienna as it offers a comfortable, quiet ride. It is built to provide reliable performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus notable feature is the quietness. The tire is loaded with a unique Renoa silencer that makes it very quiet even at Sienna’s highest speed.

Turanza Serenity Plus, just like other Bridgestone’s tire includes the Nano ProTech compound filled with silica gel for reduced rolling resistance while avoiding performance interference. This boosts the tire short braking distances and handling ability in snowy, wet, and dry conditions while saving pump fuel.

7. Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear Assurance is the best tire for Toyota Sienna if you want the best all-weather tire. It functions exemplary in wet, dry and snow conditions. Its asymmetrical tread pattern helps repel water easily reducing aquaplaning. This will make your Toyota Sienna controllable when the pavement is flooded and when in the most torrential rain.

For dry conditions, the Assurance WeatherReady is equipped with Goodyear’s Treadlock technology that locks together the tire treads for better handling and bigger contact patch for the dry road. It is also capable of performing in the snow better than all other all-season tires available in the market.

Apart from being all-weather, the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is the best tire for Toyota Sienna because it is very durable. It comes with 60,000 miles’ tread warranty, and when worn out it still performs, thanks to its Evolving Traction Grooves that widen with time.

6. Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology

As one of the best tire for Toyota Sienna, PureContact with EcoPlus Technology has considered all the relevant factors you should look at while buying a tire. This ranges from performance, durability, advanced technology, and comfort.

The PureContact with EcoPlus Technology has additional benefits: of low-rolling resistance with fewer emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

The computer-optimized design incorporated in the Continental PureCoat with EcoPlus Technology makes it a very comfortable and quiet tire. It is equipped with +Silane additives and Tg-F polymers that improve its durability, traction and low-rolling resistance in most conditions.

The tire has the DWS symbol indicating that its set for driving on dry, wet and snow. The S, however, fades over time meaning the tire will henceforth only work on wet and dry weather. This unique solution keeps the owner happy and safe.

With all these attributes, PureContact with EcoPlus Technology is one of the best Toyota Sienna’s all season tire.

5. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter is one of the best budget tires for Toyota Sienna as it has been designed to provide excellent traction in the cold freezing weather and on wet or dry surfaces. While it may not cost as much as the premier options in the same category, there is nothing to take away in terms of quality and performance. Owners of the Toyota Sienna can rest easy knowing that despite the average pricing, there are not many better tires for the winter season and snowy roads. The UltraGrip Winter tires, as the name suggests offer excellent stability on the move because the tires’ design is meant to aid in gripping the surface when it may deem difficult.

The one thing that makes the UltraGrip tires a more unfortunate choice, however, is the fact that it may degrade quicker if exposed to constant bouts of hot summer. If you don’t drive to such places, you don’t have to worry though; your tires should last you some seasons.

4. General Tire Altimax RT43

One of the biggest tire makers has to be General Tire, and in the Altimax RT43, they nailed it. Owners of the older Sienna model found these tires to be the near-perfect partners of their minivans, thanks to a combination of so many quality factors. First and foremost, the tire blends well with the car, it offers the best traction you can ask for, and most importantly, it makes for a comfortable, smooth drive.

It is one of the rarest all-season tires coming at a considerably low budget, but it certainly provides a service worth to be up there with premium tires. If you’re looking for a set that can withstand both dry and wet conditions, look no further, besides, with a set of the General Tire Altimax fitted to your Toyota Sienna, mild snow should not present any problem.

The Altimax is categorized as a G-Touring tire, very quiet and smooth. That means your highway drives will undoubtedly be impressive no matter how long the trips are. In terms of durability, the price should be a bargain as it comes with a product tread warranty of between 65,000 to 75,000 miles.

However, this is not a tire designed to tackle heavy snow, but understandably, that would be a big ask even for premium all-season tires.

3. General G-Max AS-05

Owners or drivers of the Toyota Sienna who previously used G-Max AS-03 understand the qualities of this tire. The G-Max AS-05 is an upgrade of the same, so you know what it brings to the modern driver. When we talk about the best budget tires, it is almost impossible not to feature the G-Max AS-05. It is arguably one of the best ultra-high performance all-season tires you’ll get in the market. With a whole set of these tires, your Sienna performs very well in all surfaces while at the same time maintaining a smooth, quiet ride.

Talking technology, the G-Max AS-05 comes with a broad, sturdy central rib infused using Smartgrip Technology. That means you get better handling and excellent steering for an overall smooth highway drive on your Sienna. Also, it has a silica-enriched compound that gives the tire an added grip on all surfaces, from wet and dry to icy surfaces.

Even for rookies, this is the right tire for your minivan as it has a Replacement Tire monitor to warn you when your tire needs a change, and an Alignment Indicator to show any irregular tire wear.

2. Toyo Extensa A/S

Talk of a tire that goes about its business in style, the Toyo Extensa is another budget tire that does not come short as an all-season tire. It is best known for its excellent traction and unbeatable grip on dry and wet surfaces, while still maintaining high levels of stability and performance even in snowy and icy conditions.

Get this; it is one of the few tires using the symmetrical tread design not only to enhance all-season traction but also to alleviate the unwanted occurrence of irregular tire wear. For purposes of maintaining a flat contact patch, the Toyo Extensa A/S has been fitted with an optimized center block design with variable-pitch angles.

If you regularly find yourself driving your Sienna on slippery or wet roads, this is the ideal tire for you. Its barrage of multi-wave sipes enhances grip and traction on such surfaces without compromising the comfort of your drive. It comes with an extra shoulder rib to help in cornering and handling stability and minimizing tire wear.

1. Kumho Solus TA11

Kumho is an established brand, and when they manufacture tires, they mean business. The Kumho Solus TA11 is not just any other budget tire; it is a solid all-season tire you would love to have in your Toyota Sienna. It has been built with grip and traction in mind, but there is also the mix of refinement no matter the surface you’re driving on, and that includes mild snow.

Besides, it is not a tire meant only for its all-weather features; it offers a quiet and comfortable highway drive for your minivan. The Escot casing is exclusive to Kumho tires, a rare trait that provides high levels of shock absorption to make your trip as smooth as possible. It has been designed with four deep grooves found at the center to help dispatch water from the contact patch. For hot summer drives, it uses a double silicone tread compound for cooling the tire down quickly, meaning the lifespan of your tire set is extended.

So, Which Are The Best Tires For Toyota Sienna?

The essence of having the best tires for your automobile is not just to ensure movement, but a safe, comfortable movement. People look for different aspects in a tire, but most importantly, everyone would love to find real value for their money. While durability is a significant factor, the cost is another very central consideration. Fortunately, there is a tire for every budget in the market; the final decision is always left to the user.

The Toyota Sienna is not the high-end choice of minivan you’d fancy as your dream car, but having the best tires according to your budget is prudent. There are the premium choices of tires out there, but are they worth it? Or are the cheaper budget options worth the risk? It boils down to the features and uses, and while the premium tires are quite expensive, they also come with extra safety and performance advantages to give your Sienna the best highway experience.

It does not mean that budget tires on sale are crap, or unroadworthy. It beats logic sometimes as it has been established that some of these low-budget tires are actually as good as the costlier ones in terms of performance and features. Do your research well, and you might get a bargain tire set for your Sienna.