Best Vacuums For Car Detailing in 2022 [Top 5 Picks]

Last Updated on April 9, 2022 by Stephen Tillman

You know what they say, taking care of your car is like taking care of your child, and if you’re someone who likes to keep things clean, nice and good smelling, then a vacuum for car detailing is what you need.

Vacuum detailing your car is one of the most effective methods to get it cleaned, and there is literally nothing else more efficient than this since a vacuum cleaner can remove the dirt that even the eyes can’t see.

This applies especially to those people who own pets, and we all know that a pet can really leave a lot of hair where he sits, so carrying a vacuum cleaner with you anywhere you go will only help you keep hygiene and your car in good shape, and apart from that, cleaning your car using a vacuum cleaner is one of the fastest methods, it takes only minutes.

Speaking from my experience, back in the day, I wouldn’t really care about how the car looks from the inside, exterior was the only thing that most people saw and I would only clean the exterior, but now I think kind of differently, since I started using a vacuum cleaner I can’t really pass a day without checking how my car is, is it dirty, does it smell bad, and all sorts of things.

Some people might see this as frustrating, but it’s not really, vacuum cleaners are quite mobile and very easy-to-use. You don’t need any guidance or special training or whatsoever, it’s just a button you press and the vacuuming starts, while there are other simple settings that can be turned on or off and everything is pretty much straightforward.

Now to fill you in more, there are three types of car vacuums, but in terms of functionality, all of them will get the job done. Starting from the first type, it’s more of a house vacuum and it has greater force than the other types which means that it can suck up dirt faster and it uses a standard wall plug, which isn’t really the best choice, but nonetheless, it’s optimized for cars, it’s durable and it has many accessories.

On the other hand, the second type of car vacuums can plug into any car’s 12-volt DC adapter or also known as the cigarette lighter, and it’s ideally the smartest choice because you can use it anytime you want because it takes its power from the car itself, and for more convenience, you don’t really have to worry about having a long stretching extension cord with you all the time.

And as for the third type of car vacuums, the rechargeable, handheld vacuums which are the most compact, practical and feature-rich vacuums out there. However, before buying one make sure you check the level of suction that the handheld vacuum offers and the right attachments because not all vacuum cleaners are suited for cars. If it has a high level of suction, then you’ll be good to go, but if you aren’t sure what to look out for, then make sure you stay with us in the next couple of minutes because I’ll make individual reviews for about 5 handheld car vacuum cleaners, so let’s start shall we?

The Top 5 Best Vacuums For Car Detailing

1. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

ThisWorx Car Vacuum was released back in 2017, and since then, it has become one of the most highly-rated products on the market, especially on Amazon. It’s compact, small and light which makes it ideal for most people, while it also has the latest technologies within which makes it more versatile and more functional.

This particular model has a clean and minimalistic design where the manufacturer has kept it simple, while the product comes with a couple of accessories such as 3 different nozzles to meet a gamut of cleaning needs, a carry bag to conveniently store and take along everything you need, and an additional HEPA filter, so as you can see, you’ll be well equipped with everything indeed.

As we mentioned this car vacuum is very light, which means that you can hold it one-handed effortlessly, while the grip is properly sized to fit different hand sizes, and it’s made in plastic but it doesn’t really give that cheap feeling when holding the vacuum, I personally consider it as an advantage to saving weight. The tube nozzle is transparent and you can clearly see what’s on the inside, that I don’t really like because it just makes the product seem sophisticated and complex when it really isn’t. Although the overall quality is great, it’s durable and I’ve been using this one for two years now and it’s still working like new, but I do need to mention to be careful with where you store it because it is easily prone to scratches and dust, so if you don’t use it every day as I do, it might get a bit dusty.

One of the main selling points of ThisWorx Car Vacuum is the reasonable and affordable price, it’s not expensive and it can get the job done just like any other car vacuum. So, this brings out the performance, and it’s important to note that this particular model has no problem with wet and dry surfaces, while the 16-foot power cable is long enough to reach even the hardest areas of your car interior.

In addition, the HEPA filter doesn’t require any maintenance or whatsoever, it can be washed easily since it comes with its own cleaning brush, so you won’t really need your hands to do the dirty work.

Since we mentioned the transparent trash container, you won’t really need to worry about having to clean it often, since it has a very generous capacity with auto-shut-off lid and design for maximum ease of use. All and all, ThisWorx car vacuum offers a non-bulky suction for the best maneuverability thanks to the 106W motor and metal turbine, while in terms of comfort, the vacuum works silently, well not totally silent, but it’s not at that point where you get annoyed or to cause any ear fatigues.

The guideline is, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet fully-functional car vacuum, then this model would be your best pick.

2. BLACK+DECKER Flex Car Vacuum 

The Black+Decker Flex Car Vacuum is the kind of tool everyone needs to keep their car clean. It’s an easy to use tool that comes in a cordless design, which makes it more convenient for most users who want fewer accessories to get in the way, while it’s also more efficient since you can tuck it even in hard to reach areas and tight spots/corners.

I really like the idea of it, the vacuum comes with a wall charger, so you can plug it right into the base. It’s one of the most portable vacuums out there, and as for aesthetics, this particular model is quite light. The small construction is ideal because you can leave it in any corner without getting in the way, and for usage, you have the hose and some attachments that go with it. Those it’s really flexible which means that you can stretch it however you want, and as additional components, the product comes with 2 IN 1 Flip-up Brush / Wide Nozzle Tool and a Long Crevice Tool.

The Vac itself has a dual functionality which enables it to work as a traditional hand Vac or the handle can be removed for hard to reach areas, while on the other hand, the cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter maintaining optimum suction power. But that’s not all, there’s a filter cleaning wheel that allows for an easier filter cleaning method which saves you the time and the effort of using your hands to get the job done.

Performance-wise, the Black+Decker Flex Car Vacuum has a high-performance all possible due to the 12-volt motor which uses strong cyclonic suction just as we mentioned, while this is able to effectively spin away dirt from the filter to maintain performance. Although that’s not the only benefit from this combination, the cyclones flicking dirt and debris off the filter means that the suction power will be also improved, thus, it prevents such elements from escaping back into the air.

Moreover, for charging this unit, the manufacturer recommends a total of 21-hours, while after that, the battery generally runs between 10-30 minutes before you’ll need to charge it again. However, from my experience, I was able to get more than the manufacturer stated, a total of 30 mins was possible until the Vac was turned off.

To conclude, similar to our first product, the Black + Decker Flex Car is also compact, in fact it’s smaller to my eyes and much more compact, while it’s definitely easier to use and it has a great suction power, so you should definitely consider this Vac as a possible choice, especially if you’re someone who wants a cordless vac.

3. Dewalt DCV581H 

Midway today, I’ve listed the DeWalt DCV581H Car Vac, and to make it stand out from the others that we’ve reviewed, this model comes at a way more expensive price, but it’s a lot stronger in terms of performance, and it’s a lot more durable.

Similar to the Black+Decker, this particular model can also work as a cordless unit, but it can also have a corded operation. It’s a vacuum that can be used for bigger occasions, such as vacuum cleaning a shop or something similar, but due to its versatility, portability and performance, I saw it fit to list it as a good Car Vac option.

When it comes to the design, this is the most compact model that we’ve reviewed so far, it can fit anywhere due to its small size, to more precise, this actually looks like a toolbox at first sight. However, there’s something that caught my attention, remember how we mentioned some 16-foot hoses? Yes, the DeWalt has a relatively short hose of 5-feet, and the power cord is also 5-feet, so if you decide on using the Vac corded, then you’ll have to be okay with a 5-feet power cord. Although the DeWalt DCV581H is a wet-dry vacuum, it doesn’t quite perform like you’d expect it, in my testing, the Vac took over 12-seconds to suction 2-gallons of water, which from my experience, it isn’t much and there are better products at lower-price ranges that can perform better.

To continue, the DeWalt comes with a couple of attachments, more precisely, the tank has two attachments, a crevice tool, and a car tool. Now, as we mentioned, this particular works either as a cordless unit or corded, so it has a rechargeable battery, however, I do have to mention that the motor is not quite powerful since it has 2 horsepower, but on the other hand, it’s quiet to the point where you forget that the Vac is working.

According to the manufacturer, from the sound test that they’ve made, they were able to get 81 dB, but I can’t really confirm that since I haven’t tested it to that point.

In the end, when you see it as a whole, this vacuum cleaner is not specifically for cars, but it checks all the boxes of how a car vac should be like. It’s especially great if your main goal is to use this vacuum not just for your car, but for other purposes as well, and if you need it for places without no power sources, and for wet places as well, then this vac cleaner will get the job done.

4. Bissell Garage Pro

Bissell is a well-known company and its history goes back to decades ago metaphoricly speaking, it gained its reputation by manufacturing high-quality vacuum cleaner while for this model, we have a wall mounted vacuum and this is actually a pro series product, which means it suitable for both wet and dry situations.

It’s quite powerful actually, it’s not only suitable for cars but it can also handle larger places workshops, garages, basements, and so on. You can clean surfaces, floors and workbench top with it, but it’s mainly oriented to cleaning cars due to the plethora of attachments that enable it to clean hard-to-reach spaces and upholstery.

There’s really a lot to talk about this Vac, and one of the most appealing features is the airflow function which enables the tool to double as a blower, pretty impressive right?

Now, you know how size matters when it comes to these kinds of products, and as it is an article about car vacuums, I imagine that each and every one of us wants a compact and light product for this task. So it’s important to note that the Bissell Garage Pro has a 4-gallon tank with a minimalistic design that’s well-thought-out and easy-to-use operation, this includes the features as well. In addition, the semi-translucent design of the container is perfect because it allows you to see how much space is available before you empty it.

Furthermore, this particular model comes prefabricated which means that you won’t need to assemble anything or read any guide in order to mount it because it’s quite simple and it doesn’t need any additional tools. To empty the tank, you simply have to lift the side handles and unlatch the upper half, while afterward you just dump out the dirt and put it back in.

Just like all the other vacuum cleaners that we’ve mentioned, this one also comes with additional accessories such as the mounting bracket with no screws, an accessory caddy to keep everything organized, a hose holder with fasteners and a 32-inch flexible hose.

For mounting, it’s quite easy actually, just as I mentioned it is a wall-mounted unit, while you can also store it in some small space area in your car as well, due to its small construction you won’t even notice having it. What’s really impressive is that the hose is 32-ft, which is longer than any other vacuum cleaner we’ve listed in this list, thus, you’ll be able to stretch it to wherever you want in your car. Also, this particular model can work continuously for a long time because it comes with a built-in thermal protector to prevent overheating.

To sum up, similar to our 3rd product, this one comes with similar features, however, it’s way more powerful. It’s a Vac cleaner that you should really consider, and if you have the money for it, don’t hesitate to purchase it because you won’t regret your decision.

5. HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum

Hotor Corded Car Vacuum easily takes the first place when it comes to budget-friendly car vacuums. It operates quietly while it also has a decent performance with reasonable suction power. It has 12 volts, and 8.8 ampers, while it’s mostly for those people who don’t really intend to use this for some other purpose except for cleaning their car, which the Hotor Corded does perfectly.

Now, if you noticed, it’s a corded vacuum cleaner, which means you won’t have the freedom that a cordless vacuum cleaner delivers, but it’s still great and considering the price, this Vac cleaner actually delivers great value for money.

In terms of construction, the Hotor Vac comes with a lightweight and versatile body, which is awesome for instant car cleaning, and for more convenience, it supports dry and wet conditions.

In addition, I really like what the manufacturer has done with an affordable package like this, the Vac has an extended cord of 16.4ft and a 5m power cord for you to help clean any hard-to-reach-areas, while on the other hand, the extended tube can clean all corners of your car. So as you can see, even though this product comes with a very affordable price, it still equips you with everything you could ever ask for, which brings up the additional attachments that come with it.

More precisely, this particular model comes with four attachments, an extra paper HAPA filter as a replacement, hard brush for ground-in dirt, crevice tube for deeply clean, and a soft long tube for mobility.

On top of that, what’s really awesome is that all HOTOR products are guaranteed to a full refund or a replacement, so in case you encounter some missing functionality with the Vac, you can always call the customer service to analyze the product while afterward, they either replace it with a new one or fix it, and from the reviews I’ve read, customers are actually quite satisfied with the superb customer service that this company offers.

Depending on your budget, if you don’t really want to spend a whole fortune on a Car Vacuum cleaner, then the Hotor Corded is the option to go with, and to back this up, you’ll actually get similar features to those high-end ones, while the Vac’s portability is also important, the only drawback is that the unit doesn’t have the capability to work as cordless, but again, considering the price, you get pretty much everything else that you could need to keep your car clean.

3 Things to consider before purchasing a vacuum for car detailing

Type of power supply

As you saw from the reviews above, some products come corded, some come cordless, while some come as both which means they can work as cordless and corded, but take in mind that their prices differ depending on what you choose.

So, if you’re a person who hates to get messy while cleaning the car, then you should probably go for a cordless vacuum cleaner, but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a car vacuum cleaner, then you should go for a corded vac cleaner, either way, both of them will get the job done.


Size really matters, there are some vacuum cleaners that tend to have a larger size than the most, but they have more suction more than the other. However, I doubt that you’ll need extra suction power for vacuum cleaning your car after all.

Although it’s important to mention that if you decide on purchasing a corded vacuum cleaner then you won’t really have much portability, while on the other hand, a cordless vacuum cleaner enables the user to reach the remote corners of the car.

But again, if you don’t really plan on using the vacuum cleaner every day, then you should just go for a corded vacuum cleaner, it’s cheaper and it will save you some money.

Power rating

This is also an important area of a vacuum cleaner, as it is standard most of the car vacuum cleaners come with the 12-Volts power rating, however, if you have a cordless vacuum cleaner of 12Volts, then the Vac will most likely work for around 30 minutes per charge.

Based on the elements and how you’d use your vacuum cleaner, or how much your car gets dirty, make sure you check the power rating of the vacuum cleaner that you’d want to purchase.


I hope this article was helpful to you, and if you have any questions regarding this topic, make sure you contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Everything above-mentioned will guide you properly, as you can see, I’ve explained in the beginning why would you need a vacuum cleaner, afterward you can read 5 product reviews on some of the best Car Vacuum cleaners on the market, whereas above this text, in the end, you’ll find a paragraph on “what to consider before buying a car vacuum cleaner”.

If you didn’t really get the memo by now, the type of power supply, portability, and the power rating really matter, and I highly suggest you check those before purchase just as we mentioned, this is all to avoid any dissatisfaction after purchase, but nonetheless, if you choose one of the Vac’s mentioned above, I doubt that you’ll ever regret your decision.