Cooper Adventurer H/T Review

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SUVs and light trucks always require some special tires, since they are large and heavy vehicles that are designed to work in a wide range of conditions. While searching for all-season all-purpose tires for SUVs and light trucks, I came across an excellent option coming in from Cooper Tires, the Adventurer H/T. Based on user feedback and reviews, I reckoned that these tires should be a perfect option for a wide variety of circumstances, as they promise to deliver durability, traction, and even treadwear, so let’s take a closer look.

Main Features Of The Cooper Adventurer H/T

Target Audience

The manufacturer states that the Cooper Adventurer H/T’s are a perfect choice for SUVs and light trucks since they deliver smooth performance and ride, complete with all-season traction on top of it, interesting claim. Based on the manufacturer’s promise these tires should be a perfect fit for those that are looking for all-season all-purpose tires, that deliver quality, performance, and traction at all times and surfaces. Also if anything about the reviews and experts is true, we are in for a treat here.

Specs and Features

To be honest, when you look at the price of the Cooper Adventurer H/T’s you would be a little surprised, especially after looking at the spec sheet and feature list. SUV and light truck tires are pretty expensive and a good set will set you back for $1500 at the very least. These tires are designed with brand new technology in both construction, design and also at the molecular level. First, off I should state that the Cooper Adventurer H/T tires come at different sizes for rims from 16 to 20-inches in diameter and different sub-sizes to suit your car.

For these sets of tires, the manufacturer has opted for a brand new and advanced silica-infused rubber tread compound, with a non-directional tread pattern. This is designed specifically to improve dry traction and handling, while also keeping the tread wear even and the life of the tires longer than ever. What impressed me the most was the special made R-Tech sidewall construction of these tires, plus the continuous center rib that will probably do wonders in the response and cornering stability department, but we will see that later.

I should also mention that these tires have three-dimensional variable depth micro-gauge sipes around the tread of the tires that, at least in theory, should work pretty well with the four large grooves that are placed for better traction and control on wet conditions. For wet conditions, I should state that the added silica compound should do its part as well.

Siping should also work well for snow and ice, and the added Anti-Stone Retention technology makes it perfect for a little off-roading, and what is the purpose of having an SUV if you can’t do a little off-roading. Before moving on I should state that the manufacturer backs these with 60,000 miles tread warranty, which is pretty good.

First Impression

Right from the first look, these tires looked like they could take on every surface and condition like they are supposed to do after all these are all-season all-purpose tires. They also look a little too aggressive overall, but then again testing should prove or disprove the prejudices I have.

Installation was rather quick and I have to admit they fit the overall vibe of the Ford Ranger. I immediately took it for a spin to see what it delivered in the first few minutes. It was pretty interesting, since it was raining a little and the grip was rather well initially, and it looked like it is going to be fun.


After the first month of taking these bad boys for a spin I saw that the treadwear was extremely even and excellent, and they will deliver the 60,000-mile claim, but then again you should be careful since after 4 years every touring tire loses its wet traction performance, but on the dry, you should be sound and well. One thing that I was more focused on based on the reviews was the excessive noise, which I didn’t think it was a big problem, but with age, I think that they will be a little noisy.

On dry asphalt, the Cooper Adventurer H/T’s were pretty good as every touring tire worth its salt, especially in a straight line. I think that you will enjoy driving on the highway with these tires as they deliver a great sense of safety and even when there is an emergency braking situation they don’t skid or slip from under you. The Ford Ranger is a heavy truck and even then these delivered great grip when tight cornering. One thing that bothered me the most was the responsiveness, which was a little lacking, then again these are not sports or performance tires and it is acceptable.

The treat design, the four circumferential grooves, and zig-zag sipes promise a lot for the rain. Unsurprisingly the Cooper Adventurer H/T’s deliver a great rain performance, even when it is pouring, it resists hydroplaning excellently and even through sharp cornering, it keeps the balance and traction perfectly. While I won’t recommend anyone to drive aggressively in the rain, I think it is nice to know what you are dealing with. Also, I tested these tires in an offroad situation to see what they can provide, and I saw that while the can deal with slight mud and uneven surfaces, they can’t replace all-terrain tires.


If you are willing to look through the slightly weaker snow performance, I think that the Cooper Adventurer H/T’s are one of the best SUV touring tires, especially with heavier vehicles, delivering plenty of performance, traction, grip, and confidence in your driving. On top of that, they deliver excellent value for the price, which should be more than enough for most of us.

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Cooper Adventurer H/T









  • Indisputable straight-line stability
  • Adequate traction on dry and wet conditions


  • Substandard snow performance

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