Cooper Discoverer M+S Review

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Cooper Discoverer MS review

Most of the time winter tires just look like they are there to put a strain on your budget, however, every cautious driver knows that you can’t get through winters, snow, and ice, without a set of them. This is especially true for SUVs, light trucks and CUVs since they are a little heavier vehicles that need a better performance from their tires to keep contact with the pavement. The Cooper Discoverer M+S promises to fulfill all your needs when it comes to traction in winter for your SUV or light truck, so let’s see.

Target Audience

The company markets these tires as premium winter tires, that are designed for SUVs and light trucks, with pinned studs, severe weather rating and a lot of sizes. I have to mention that the Cooper Discoverer M+S’ has received plenty of favorable reviews from their buyers so I am pretty hopeful about these. But then again I have some concerns about this tire and without testing it myself I can’t make a conclusion, however, it looks like a nice winter tire.

Specs and Features

What it impressed me the most was that this tire doesn’t come with millions of feature or an extensive spec sheet, it has some simple tried and true features and tricks up its sleeve that is guaranteed to work, and on top of that the price is reasonable, so it looks pretty good. I have to mention that while these tires do not come with a mileage guarantee, they are under the company’s standard warranty, for workmanship and materials which sounds pretty good. It also comes in different sizes ranging from 14 to 20 inches in size which is pretty extensive for SUVs, but I find the lacking of 21 and 22-inch diameter sizes a bit disappointing.

Let’s talk about the features of these tires that make it better for winter, at least in the paper. First off this tire has a special tread compound that is specifically designed for winter and to provide traction on ice, but it would be nothing without the complementary technology. The most important of which is the patented Snow-Groove design technology that delivers a biting edge to the tires which should improve the performance of them on snow and ice, and that without reducing the stiffness of the tread element, which should be pretty handy. On top of that this technology should also deliver better traction by utilizing the snow on snow characteristics.

Moving on the strategically placed stud pin holes, like all winter tires worth it is salt. However, these are pretty well placed here to deliver better performance overall, for ice and snow, which is one of the most important things a winter tire should have. The D-Squared D2 Sipe technology with a dense zig-zag sipe pattern that should improve the winter performance exceptionally. This should also make these tires perform better in the rain and wet pavement, and reduce the risk of hydroplaning overall.

First Impression

The first impression that I got from this tire was that it is a heavy one that can get the job done. While it looks like it can tackle some all-terrain job, the manufacturer has not intended it for those things.

I installed these on the Ford Ranger it was an easy process, and I can confirm that they look pretty good on them without a doubt. It was early December when I first installed them and while it was cold there was no snow, just some light rain and they felt good overall as a first.


I put about 10,000 miles in total through the winter season on these tires, through different road conditions, snow, ice, rain and dry, cruising through the highway and taking the back roads, so I think that I have a good idea about what these can offer. The first thing that I observed is one of the most surprising things about these tires, they can go on and on, the tread wore pretty evenly and compared to most SUV winter tires, these have a pretty long tread life. Also, the comfort was excellent while driving, but I can’t say the same thing when it comes to noise especially at highway speeds, but it is expected with winter tires, especially for this category.

During my testing in snow and ice, I came to the conclusion that the Cooper Discoverer M+S’ is a capable pair of winter tires that can get the job done without a doubt. Even when snow piled up and the roads were icy I didn’t feel the need for the studs. It delivered a good braking distance, and the acceleration was rather smooth overall. It could take corners rather exceptionally without any skidding and with a great deal of confidence. I never felt needing for more traction and grip, everything worked rather smoothly.

When it came to driving on the wet pavement it was more of the same thing, great traction, amazing grip and constant contact with the asphalt, which is the main purpose of a tire. I also noticed that it did deliver a good cornering performance on rainy days and I am extremely pleased with that. Moving on in the dry it was still pretty good, nice traction and grip but a little noisier than usual, which shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

I wouldn’t recommend thse tires for driving in extremely difficult terrains though. If you are someone that likes to drive on mud and snow at the same time, then i recommend you look for a tire that can handle mud & snow.


Coming to the end I can say that these tires are definitely one of the best in the market, for their price at least. The performance was adequate in both snow and ice. It was good enough for the highway, but a bit noisy at higher speeds. If you aren’t an aggressive driver and want comfort, traction, reliability, and confidence from your tires, you are in the right place.

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Cooper Discoverer M+S









  • Great winter performance
  • Long tread life


  • Not the most polished tires in the market

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