Cooper Discoverer SRX Review

Are you tired of buying tires every time a new season arrives? Do you need a long-lasting solution? The best alternative to this would be purchasing an all-season tire. All-season tires are designed to offer maximum performance regardless of the season.

There is a considerable number of all-season tires in the market and finding the right one requires knowledge of what a great tire contains. One of the best all-season tires that we have today is the Cooper Discoverer SRX. Cooper has done their best to equip this tire with amazing features such as ride comfort to improve its performances. The tire is intended for SUVs, vans, and pickups.

Main Features Of The Cooper Discoverer SRX

Improved Dry, Wet, and Snow Traction

The use of next-generation tread compound that is tough makes it possible for it to perform on any surface. The manufacturer has equipped this tire with 3D micro-gauge sipes that help to improve traction on wet and light-snow surfaces. The tire also has an incredible shorter braking distance on these surfaces.

StabilEdge Technology

Steering response is something that this tire can produce through the use of this technology. The cornering ability is made possible by stabilizing tread surfaces. The optimized tread pattern also plays a massive role in improving handling, which helps to make the tire more responsive. The result is a tire that offers you more control.

Cooper’s Wear Square Technology

Having an idea of how your tire is wearing down is a great advantage. Cooper Discoverer SRX offers this through the Wear Square Technology that helps you see the levels at which the tire is wearing down. Through the use of this technology, you can determine when is the right time to replace the tire. You also get to know whether the tire will perform well on certain weather conditions. Other than offering an insight on how your tire is wearing down, the technology also helps to identify any alignment issues with the tire.

Very Durable and Comfortable

The tire has impressive tread wear, which helps to improve its lifespan. It also has two steel belts which are coated with nylon, which aid in enhancing its strength and durability. The presence of a polyester cord body also helps to improve ride comfort. As a show of faith in their product, Cooper has included a 65,000-mile warranty with this model.


The use of new technology by Cooper on this tire is something impressive. The manufacturers have done their level best to improve traction, reduce road noise, offer ride comfort, and improve the tread life of the tire. They have combined StabilEdge technology with the tread compound well, which has resulted in a responsive tire that provides you more control. The ability for you to monitor how your tire is wearing down is an added advantage as not many tires have this functionality. The overall performance of this tire makes it rank among the best in the market.

Comparison With Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Coming from a series of Cooper products, the CS5 Grand Touring is equipped with outstanding traction on any surface. The all-season tire is designed to provide better ride comfort compared to others in its class. The improved handling and steering response is something that the manufacturers have managed to work wonders. The tire offers a comfortable ride through the use of noise reduction features that help to absorb vibration from obstacles. The asymmetric tread pattern helps to improve wet traction by evacuating water away, which in return helps to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

However, Cooper Discoverer SRX outshines the CS5 through features such as durability and steering response. The two tires have a slight difference in prices where the CS5 is cheaper than the SRX. Even with this said, SRX is worth the money as it produces excellent performances.


Cooper Discoverer SRX is an amazing all-season tire that offers more than other tires in its class in terms of traction and handling. The price is justified due to the performance of the tire. There are only a few tires which can offer the same level of performance as the Cooper Discoverer SRX. We also called the Cooper Discoverer SRX as one of the best tires for Toyota Tundra.

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Cooper Discoverer SRX









  • Better tread wear
  • Improved wet and snow traction
  • Durable tread compound
  • Relatively Affordable
  • Responsive handling


  • Braking on deep snow should be improved