Falken Azenis FK510 Review

Last Updated on November 10, 2020 by Stephen Tillman

Falken has delivered some very interesting tire models in the last few years, and it is pretty interesting taking a look at their lineup. While looking at their lineup I noticed that they have a super impressive ultra-high performance summer tire model that is designed to deliver a priceless experience. If it is anything that the experts praise it to be, then I think we have something special in our hands. But then again we have seen time and time again manufacturers promising things without delivering anything concrete. So let’s see.

Main Features Of The Falken Azenis FK510

Target Audience

The manufacturer states that these tires are designed for drivers of premium vehicles that are looking for amazing grip and superior performance. Just by looking at it, you would expect something like that, and that price tag does it for a summer tire, a bit too much. However, I wanted to see whether it can deliver the ultra-high performance claim and if it is better than most of its competitors than it might be worth going for them if you own a premium vehicle.

Specs and Features

I have to admit that I was a little suspicious about what these tires can offer, but after I took a look at its spec sheet and feature list, I have to say that I expect super high performance. So shall we get on with this lengthy list? I got to start by saying that the manufacturer doesn’t give an exact mileage warranty, but it does give a warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original thread, which means up to 1.6mm or for six years after the manufacturing date which sounds pretty nice and promising. It also comes available in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches for sedans and it also has different sizes for SUVs and CUVs spaning from 18 to 21 inches in rim diameter size.

This is a flagship-grade tire and the manufacturer has fitted it with deserving features and tech to promise that performance. Let’s start with the 4D Nano Design tread compound and the Tension Control Technology for the casing mold shaping technique that sounds like tech jargon but it translates to ultimate performance. It also has adopted an asymmetrical ACP tread pattern design that includes the variable side depth, hybrid undertread cap fly, wider shoulder blocks, switchback siping and four circumferential grooves to top it off.

I have to say that the craftsmanship on these tires must be high-end and exceptional since the company produces these tires solely in Japan, and we know how they do their job. The tension control technology that I mentioned earlier, will deliver a more flexible middle sidewall area for reducing the impact shock, and on the other hand, the super sturdy outside shoulder and bead will deliver superior handling, at least in theory that is. Two pretty wide steel belts that are attached to the hybrid Aramid and nylon undertread cap plays which will keep the car stable at higher speeds.

First Impression

Taking a look at these tires for the first time you will notice that they are pretty exceptional, they look high-end at the very least and they demand respect. As summer tires I would suggest everyone to not store these tires below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you have to, let them return to the normal temperature of at least 40 degrees gradually to keep everything in control.

I installed a set of these tires onto the Nissan 370Z, a car that should deliver its full capabilities, and I have to admit that they look pretty good on it. The first spin around the block was, how should I put it, liberating! These tires promise to bring on the best features of sports cars.


To test these tires, I tried two different approaches. First off I wanted to see the comfort and regular driving aspect of these tires. This consisted of taking the car on the highway and trying a bit of touring with it, to see how it fares. I should say that these tires are extremely comfortable to drive with and on top of that I didn’t hear any noise, well besides the high revving engine that is. Moving on it gives a sense of security on the highway and the speed rating of Y which is up to 186 mph, really does it I have to say. But then again I should test these tires a different way to see if they are worthy of their price and name.

To do that I had to take these onto the track, which is the only and safest way to see if these tires can perform. I first did a few laps to get a good feeling about them, and to get a bit of confidence. Going through a basic slalom course, I can say that these tires are pretty much exceptional in terms of grip and traction. In dry pavement, I have found out that these tires are pretty special and allowed me to deliver faster lap times.

On wet asphalt, it was no different, as it delivered the same braking distance without any skidding. It also delivered plenty of resistance to hydroplaning and it made spirited drives pretty exceptional. Then again I wouldn’t quite drive with these on colder temperatures since the performance will decrease to a certain degree, but form spring to fall you should be pretty safe and sound, with tons of grip and traction under you.

Note: I tested these tires on a Honda Pilot.


If you own a sports car, or a premium performance car and want something that can provide powerful performance for your car, then the Falken Azenis FK510’s are the best pick for you. However, if you don’t fit into that category these summer tires might not be the best pick for you and actually might be an overkill. If you pull the trigger on these though, you are in for a great time.

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Falken Azenis FK510









  • Excellent traction and grip in both dry and wet asphalt
  • Stability in high and low-speed cornering


  • Not the most fuel-efficient tires in the market