Falken Ziex Review

Falken Ziex review

Falken might not be one of the most popular brands in the market, but the company is making quite a name for themselves with some super interesting tires lately. One of the newest and most impressive ones is the Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S, which is designed with all the latest technologies to deliver a better tire for drivers of sport coupes, sedans, and various crossovers. These all-season tires are manufactured for high-performance and if anything about the reviews should be trusted these are one of a kind.

Target Audience

The manufacturer states that the Falken Ziex’s are all-season tires that are designed for drivers that are looking for more performance traction and handling when driving. We have seen some interesting claims lately in the high-performance segment and these tires don’t promise anything very exceptional. The reviews and experts though have nothing but praise, so normally I wanted to test them extensively to see just how much can they deliver.

Specs and Features

This tire is pretty aggressively priced overall and even for that, it has a pretty extensive feature list that is impressive overall. Then again Falken doesn’t deliver anything but exceptional quality, so it is not surprising. Let’s start by mentioning that the Falken Ziex comes with a 65,000-mile tread warranty for the H and V speed rated models and 45,000 miles for the W speed rated models, which is good enough. The tire comes in different sizes for different cars ranging from 15 to 20 inches, pretty standard, and at three-speed ratings H, V, and W.

Let’s continue with the materials used on this tire. The Falken Ziex utilizes a new silica tread compound with an asymmetric tread design that is based on the company’s homegrown Dynamic Range Technology. The reports state that this technology delivers better technology in terms of grip and traction in various seasons, which is pretty bold but we’ll see about it in testing I should also mention that I expect a lot from the Canyon Sipe technology that is designed to deliver better and more accurate braking and even tread wear.

This tire also has some interesting technologies and features installed for wet performance, such as the wide circumferential grooves that get rid of the water and allow your tire to have contact with the pavement at all times, and prevent hydroplaning. The tires are rated M+S for winter conditions, meaning that it can handle some winter cruising, and with the angled tread slots it should deliver that as well. Before moving on I should state that this tire has two steel belts inside with a polyester cord body to provide better stability and strength to this tire.

First Impression

These tires give a high-performance first impression which is quite impressive, and the grooves and tread block pattern look quite aggressive. I reckon these tires will look good on plenty of cars without a problem.

I installed these tires on the Nissan 370Z to see test their full capabilities and I have to admit that they fit perfectly in terms of looks on it. The first spin around the block didn’t reveal much but I can say that it is promising.


To test the full capabilities of this tire I took the car to the racing track which should provide a safer environment for testing. But before starting with that I should state that the comfort levels are sky-high, which is extremely impressive, I didn’t expect this, not here and not in any high-performance tire. Touring grade comfort without a doubt here, smooth and stable at high speeds as well. Noise is average for performance tires, not anything impressive but still not obnoxious.

Let’s get on with the fun part. Now on dry asphalt, these tires get perfect marks on every test, great amount s of traction and grip, in different corners both at high speed and slower speeds. It responded rather well in cornering and it delivered a superb amount of grip in those scenarios. Braking distance is rather short and the acceleration was extremely smooth, taking the full power of the car without any problem. No weak points on dry asphalt.

On wet pavement, the things were pretty safe and sound, just like I expected it to behave. It was capable of handling emergency maneuvers, hard braking, and tight cornering, which is extremely fun and one thing that I do not recommend. However, it is nice to know you have some nice tires under you. When it comes to snow performance this tire was pretty impressive as well, which was the biggest surprise that I had. All-season performance tires that can deliver performance on snow and ice, Falken has hit the sweet spot here.


I have to admit, this is one tire that I didn’t expect to deliver all this, and it did. It blew through all my expectations and removed all the doubts. The Falken Ziex is pretty much close to the perfect tire, and this is a thing that I don’t say often. If it had a bit more tread life it would be the definite best one without a doubt in the all-season market. Then again nothing significant, fantastic tire.


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Falken Ziex









  • Excellent grip and traction on wet and dry pavement
  • Surprising comfort


  • Mediocre noise levels