Fierce Attitude MT Review

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Driving through the mud is one of the most challenging things you can do. It becomes complicated if you don’t have the right tire. Mud terrain tires are a necessity especially if you drive through this terrain more often. We rated the Fierce Attitude MT as one of the best tires for Toyota Tundra in 2019.

There is a vast number of mud terrain tires in the market, and each promises to deliver outstanding performance. Fierce Attitude MT is one of these tires. It’s designed to perform exceptionally in these terrains and offer you comfort as well. The manufacturers intended for this tire to be used by SUVs, light trucks, and pickups. There are specific features that make this tire stand out from the rest and they include;

Main Features Of The Fierce Attitude MT

Tough Truck Tread Compound

Durability and strength is the pillar of this tire. The strong and tough tread compound used to design this tire allows it to withstand any obstacles. It’s also equipped with aggressive tread patterns that help to improve its mud terrain. The patterns also come in handy when driving on other rough surfaces, and they prevent slips. The result is a tire that doesn’t experience any difficulties when you are driving on a mud surface.

Self-Cleaning Abilities

The tire is equipped with larger deep tread voids that help with self-cleaning. It’s common for a tire to be clogged with mud, gravel, and rocks when you are driving off-road. However, Fierce Attitude MT doesn’t experience this problem, which leaves you with a clean tire the entire time.

Rim Protectors

It’s common for any tire to get damaged, especially if you are driving on rocky surfaces. The wheel is expensive and requires to be protected at all times. The rim protector plays this role and enhances the durability of the tire.

Enhanced On-road and Off-road Performances

Not only does this tire perform better off the roads, but it provides a quiet and comfortable ride on the road as well. The staggered shoulder blocks help to improve the comfort of the ride on highways and reduce road noise, which is something you may not find on all mud terrain tires. Snow and wet surface traction is also another area that this tire excels at. The presence of the more massive lugs in the alternating lug patterns help to improve wet and snow traction. The added sipe provides a biting edge which comes in handy in deep snow.

Strength and Durability

The tire is exceptionally strong and has an impressive lifespan. The 3-Ply steel belted construction inside the tire helps to improve its strength and durability. It’s also able to resist puncture through the use of 3-ply polyester sidewall. The manufacturers have included a 60,000-mile warranty with this model.


Fierce Attitude MT is a great mud terrain and off-road tire. It’s designed to withstand all the obstacles you may encounter on these terrains. The fact that it performs better on highways is an added advantage. The quality of the ride has not been compromised, and it delivers as it promises. Wet and snow traction is an advantage over other tires in its class.

Comparison With BFGoodrich Mud Terrain TA KM2

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain TA KM2 was designed to be used off the roads as well. It’s equipped to handle any mud terrain easily. It has aggressive tread patterns that help to improve traction on wet and mud traction as well. Its performance on snow is not bad either. The massive lugs help to improve ride comfort and is relatively quiet as well. The tire has improved cornering abilities, which is something most mud terrain tires lack.

The two tires have an almost similar tread life due to their durable tread compound. KM2 includes a 65,000-mile warranty with it, which is slightly higher than the Fierce Attitude MT. Even with this said, both tires perform exceptionally well. KM2 is a bit expensive compared to the Fierce Attitude MT.


After testing Fierce Attitude MT, one can only agree that it’s an excellent mud terrain tire. It may have its flaws, but it remains to be a decent tire nonetheless. It’s a bit expensive, but given the features and its performances, you can only agree that the price is justified.

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Fierce Attitude MT









  • Very Durable
  • Impressive On-Road Performance
  • Great For Using During Summer


  • It may not be affordable to some

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