General Altimax RT43 vs. Michelin Defender

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With so many options for tires available in the market these days, you will have a headache to buy the best ones. General Altimax RT43 and Michelin Defender tires are branded touring tires built with strength and safety features. This comparative article gives you an idea of how these tires stick themselves to the competition.

We will see which one proves to be the best. This guide will provide you with complete information if you are confused between the General Altimax RT43 and Michelin Defender tires.

Head To Head: General Altimax RT43 vs. Michelin Defender

Design & Features

General Altimax RT43 tires use siping technology to give them an anti-slip design. They have biting edges for a good grip, even under wet and snowy conditions. These tires have two extra sipes on the opposite shoulder blocks of the tires that are specifically installed to warn you against misalignment.

When you notice these sipes fading, rotate your tires and prevent any irregular wear. They feature Low Surface Abrasion (LSA) technology that focuses on withstanding anything that may dissipate the tires’ tread. These tires also have a replacement tire monitor, which lets you know when to replace your tires.

As far as Michelin Defender tires are concerned, they are made up of an Evertread Michelin compound that is known for extra strength and durability in different driving conditions. They also have in-built twin steel belts, due to which they can bear extra loads without any difficulty.

They can tolerate a maximum speed of 118mph, after which they may wear out. The tires follow the UTQG system of the standard to ensure reliability and overall tire quality. With high durability rating and traction rating, these tires last longer, perform well, and have a good grip and stopping force on the road. The tires are also resistant to heat caused because of constant braking, skidding, and friction.

Performance in Dry Traction

As far as dry traction is concerned, the General Altimax RT43 tires run smoothly on rough asphalt surfaces, even when you drive for hours in the warm sunshine. The tires do not get hiccups, though they vibrate a little on hitting potholes. The tread pattern and depth of these tires give a good grip on the road, which is par with many expensive models. The only look of it speaks out loud about its safety and dependability.

When it comes to Michelin Defender tires, they are highly efficient during dry conditions. They perform well and give exceptional steering response while cornering. The tires have groove patterns and consist of a tough compound that makes them performing high with their dry traction. The traction skills are further enhanced, thanks to their lateral grooves and 3D sipes.

Performance in Wet Traction

Under wet driving conditions, General Altimax RT43 tires offer ultimate safety, response, and maneuverability. The tires’ tread compound drastically affects the traction while running at low speed. The hydroplaning resistance of the tires is affected by its extraordinary tread design at high speed. However, the tires may incline towards understeering sometimes. Ignoring that, it is incredibly easy to run these tires in wet conditions.

When you drive these tires during very heavy rainfall, you will be surprised to see how these hold onto the road like magnets. This factor gives you better control even while gliding through corners under heavy rains. Make sure to avoid pushing them too hard, as these tires may not handle it.

As far as Michelin Defender tires are concerned, these tires have an ergonomic design, and their grooves offer sufficient wet traction and hydroplaning resistance when driving in wet conditions. They have multiple lateral grooves and four wide channels that direct the water out of the contact and tire surface. They also have open shoulder slots that allow moisture to escape sideways.

Performance in Snow Traction

General Altimax RT43 tires have extraordinary traction performance on slippery trails covered with snow. The tread plows through the ice while driving and keeps moving without slipping, thereby really handling the snowy weather.

Michelin Defender tires are best for highways, but they can only handle light snow surfaces. The tires consist of a tough compound that may not be appropriate for running on extremely snowy surfaces. The grooves are not sufficient to hold on to the heavy snowy surfaces. So, if you live in a snowy area, General Altimax RT43 tires would win the race.

Noise While Driving

As far as driving comfort is concerned, General Altimax RT43 tires are worth applauding. Their handling is good, and the operation is substantially quiet. When you open the window while driving, the only sound you can hear is the engine’s low drone. You do not notice any other noise than random rocks that your tires are crushing while running through them. Not many tires in the market allow you to hear only that sound.

When we talk about Michelin Defender tires, you can expect a significant setback of the noise level. These tires are efficient in their work and performance, but they are not as quiet as General tires. Michelin Defender tires do not perform that well in heavy snow conditions, and they make a lot of noise too while running.


General Altimax RT43 tires look long-lasting and durable. If handled properly, they can last for along time. General Tires has offered a limited warranty of 75,000 miles on their T-rated sizes, while V and H rated sizes come with a limited warranty of 65,000 miles. If you compare this with Michelin Defender tires, they come with a warranty of 70,000 or 6 years on their tread life.


The most important things you look for in tires include their wet or dry traction, tread life, load capacity, warranty service, and compound. These tires should keep up with the requirements of different driving conditions.

In this comparative article, we have created this comparison guide so that you can rely on for making your final decision. All you have to do is make an informed decision.

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