General Grabber HTS60 Review

Are you searching for a reliable and affordable all-season tire? Well, General Grabber HTS60 is one of the best all-season tires that we have today. The manufacturers have equipped it with impressive features that allow it to perform at its highest levels throughout the year.

General Grabber HTS60 was designed to replace the original HTS, which it did in style. It was intended to be used by trucks, vans, crossovers, and pickups. There are only a few tires that can rival the HTS60 and for a good reason as it has fantastic features. In fact, it was one of our recommended tire for GMC Yukon.

Main Features Of The General Grabber HTS60

DuraGen Technology

The durability of the tire has been improved due to the presence of DuraGen Technology. The original HTS didn’t utilize this technology, and that’s why the HTS60 is above it. The tread compound is also tough enough to withstand any harsh weather and improve its life span.

Outstanding Traction

The tread patterns have played a significant role in improving its traction on all surfaces. The circumferential grooves combine well with the added sipes to enhance wet traction, which in return helps to reduce the risks of hydroplaning. Wet surface braking has been improved on, and the tire has a shorter braking distance compared to others in its class. The tire performs relatively well on snow surfaces even though it’s not a winter tire. The strength of the tire lies on its dry traction. The tread patterns help to increase its grip, which has improved its cornering abilities.

Better Handling

The handling of General Grabber HTS60 is also exceptional. The continuous centre ribs notched shoulders, and intermediate tread block help to improve the steering response and handling. The result is a tire that has an on-centre feeling when driving compared to its predecessor.

Very Comfortable Ride

General Grabber HTS60 is designed to offer you more comfort compared to other tires in its class. The presence of twin steel belts not only improves the lifespan and the strength of the tire, but it combines with the polyester cord body to enhance the comfort of the ride. Noise reduction is another area that General Grabber HTS60 has been able to handle through the use of Comfort Balance Technology to deal with road noise.


General Grabber HTS60 is a great tire for anyone who needs an all-year-round tire that is reliable. It has been proven to work and has performed better than the majority of the tires in its class. Improved road traction is something that the manufacturers have worked to improve, and they have done a great job. It has a shorter braking distance on wet surfaces, which is very impressive.

The tread compound is very durable and tough enough to last a long time. The manufacturers have included a 65,000-mile warranty with this model, which is a show of faith in their product.

The comfort and reduced road noise offered by the tire is very impressive. The use of Comfort Balance Technology has set the bar high and is the difference between the HTS and the HTS60 model.

Comparison With General Altimax RT43

Another equally impressive tire is the General Altimax RT43. It offers comfort ride and reduced road noise just like the General Grabber HTS60. Traction and grip of these two tires are the same, and their performances on wet surfaces are noticeable.

They both have a longer lifespan and a tough tread compound which allows them to be used on any surface. However, General Altimax RT43 is slightly expensive compared to General Grabber HTS60. Due to this reason, HTS60 is preferred as it offers everything that RT43 offers but is affordable.


There are hundreds of all-season tires out there and having the right information will help you to choose the right one. General Grabber HTS60 is a great tire that offers an all-year-round performance without sacrificing road comfort. The tire is worth the money as it has features that can only be found on more expensive models.

The 65,000-mile warranty acts as a good faith which allows you to buy the tire without worrying about its performances. Bottom line, General Grabber HTS60 is a perfect tire.

General Grabber HTS60









  • Improved durability
  • Comfort ride
  • Better traction
  • Very affordable
  • Have different sizes


  • Deep snow traction should be improved