Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Review

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When searching for all-season vehicles, you should know that you are looking at a mixed bag with mixed results. I can say that most of these tires are not up to par, and when a tire promises all-season performance, affordable price, sports traction, and comfortable drive, you would suspect that something is wrong with the tire. The Goodyear Eagle LS-2 promises all that, which is pretty interesting to see, but then again it is Goodyear we are talking about here and I think that the company has not disappointed me yet. Let’s see!

Target Audience

Looking at the company and sellers website you will see that this tire has many favorable reviews going on with it. The manufacturer describes it as a quality performance tire with a smooth and comfortable ride, that will deliver you confidence for any corner at any season. I have noticed that this tire comes as original equipment on many SUVs, CUVs, and minivans which are pretty good. While it is mainly designed for those vehicles it might be good enough for most sedans on the market, so let’s get going with it.

Specs and Features

Unsurprisingly, these tires are very feature-packed, and their spec list is pretty long, but we will take a look at the main points. Just by looking at it, you would expect that these tires are pretty good but then again let’s see. These tires are coming with the company’s limited tread warranty, and it also has a tire uniformity that is warranted for one year or the first 2/32-inches of wear. On top of that materials and workmanship are guaranteed for 6 years. Moving on I can say that it comes in a pretty standard size range spanning from 15 to 20-inches in rim diameter size.

Like a proper all-season tire, that claims to be premium the Goodyear Eagle LS-2 has a premium tread compound that promises to deliver exceptional traction and performance in different circumstances. I should also mention that the triple tread block pattern should give this tire an increased handling performance on dry pavement, but we will see that in testing. I should mention that the independent tread blocks are an excellent addition and prove to improve cornering grip and responsiveness in steering, which is one of the best things the driver of a sport can expect.

Due to the wider circumferential grooves on the Goodyear Eagle LS-2, that are responsible for pushing the water away from the tire and decrease the risk of hydroplaning significantly these tires should behave confidently in rainy weather. In addition to that, the sipes around the tread deliver biting edges for snow and ice, but then again I don’t feel confident in this at all. Tread blocks are designed in a computer simulation to decrease the noise and increase comfort. Moving on it has two steel belts that are reinforced with nylon for strength and durability.

First Impression

When I first get these tires they look pretty random and basic, however, upon closer inspection you will see they are pretty light and you see that they are made of quality materials.

I installed them on an Audi A4, which is a mid-sized European sedan, they looked pretty well on the car and I think this car will allow us to see its full capabilities. The first spin around the block revealed two things, it is comfortable and pretty silent overall, but further testing should reveal the deeper characteristics of this tire.


Upon the first month testing, I think that I have seen the full capabilities of these tires, and I can deliver you a pretty extensive review of the testing. First off let’s start with the treadwear, which I think is one of the positives of this tire. It wears pretty well and slowly at that, just like an all-season touring tire, I think that it will deliver a pretty long tread life overall but that will also depend on your driving style in general.

Moving on to the Goodyear Eagle LS-2, or the Luxury Sport 2, shows some flaws in driving tests, some major ones that bother me. But let’s see the positives first. The handling and the cornering grip of this tire are pretty good overall and it delivers a nice performance on dry pavement. Cornering grip is delicious and it is pretty responsive in terms of steering, one thing that more spirited drivers like. It also manages to keep the balance excellently in all speed ranges as well, which was surprising.

However, going on to rainy days test, this tire fails for Goodyears standards. The manufacturer doesn’t deliver such poorly performing tires in wet pavement, it definitely loses traction very quickly and I was always searching for more. When you try to accelerate quickly it wheels spins in the wet and the braking distance is poor, unacceptable behavior in all-season tires. While we do not expect any all-season tire to perform on snow and ice, the wet and rain performance is a must.


If you are in a budget and you are in an area that gets fewer rainy days, than yes, the Goodyear Eagle LS-2 may be a good tire for you. However, if you are in an area that mid to heavy rains most of the time than you will definitely suffer from these tires. Goodyear had a chance to deliver an exceptional tire here but missed in some crucial spots that make this one a poor option.


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  • Dry traction is pretty good
  • Responsive and stability in cornering


  • Wet traction is unsatisfactory

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