How To Find Your Tire Size

Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by Stephen Tillman

Before you buy new tires, you need to make sure they fit your vehicle. Thankfully they are very easy to read and understand. If you are replacing your tires with new ones, make sure you get the same numbers on your new tires.

Here is what you should know:

  • Section Width – Is the measurement of the width of the tire from its inner sidewall to its naked outer wall.
  • Aspect Ratio – This is the ratio of the width & height of the tire. For example, if you have a 225/45 tire, it means that the height is equal to 45% of the width of the tire.
  • Tire Construction – In the image above, it says “R”. This stands for Radial.
  • Wheel Diameter – This is the size of the wheel when we measure it from one end to the other. In the image above, the Wheel diameter is 16, which means its made to fit a wheel that has a 16″ diameter.
  • Load Index – This shows you the maximum load that the tire can support when it’s fully inflated.

If you don’t know what tires to buy, we recommend you read our tire buying guides.

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