Michelin Defender Review

Michelin is a widely known tire manufacturer that has years of experience creating some of the best tires. They have tires in all categories which perform better than the majority of other tires.

Michelin Defender is one of their best all-season tires that is designed to last a long time. The manufacturers have done their level best to make sure that this tire has fantastic features that allow it to perform as it does. The tire is intended for SUVs, trucks, and pickups.

Every all-season tires have amazing features, and these are the ones found in the Michelin Defender. It’s worth mentioning that they were also chosen by our editors as some of the best tires for Ford Escape.

Main Features Of The Michelin Defender

IntelliSipe Technology

One of the areas that Michelin have managed to impress is through the lifespan of the tread compound. The presence of high amounts of silica in the tread compound helps to improve the durability and strength of the tire. The use of IntelliSipe technology helps to increase the amount of siping in the tire, which allows better handling and steering response.

Higher Rolling Resistance

Saving fuel is everything a driver wants with their vehicle. The best thing about Michelin Defender is that it has high rolling resistance, which helps to save fuel. The combination of Green X technology with the IntelliSipe technology helps to make the tread block more rigid, which in return improves the rolling resistance. According to Michelin, you can save over 2000 miles worth of fuel throughout the lifespan of the tire.

Outstanding Wet and Snow Traction

Wet surface traction is something that many tires have been struggling with, but not for Michelin Defender. The presence of hundreds of lateral grooves and four circumferential grooves which help to channel water away from the tire. This results in reduced risks of hydroplaning and improves traction and grip. On the other hand, snow traction is impressive due to the sipes which provide a biting edge on this surface. The tire also has an incredible shorter braking distance on wet surfaces, which is where its strength lies.

Comfortable and Quiet Ride

Comfort is something that Michelin has been known for, and Michelin Defender provides just that. The combination of MaxTouch Construction and polyester cord body plays a significant role in absorbing the road vibration. It helps to improve the acceleration and cornering abilities of the tire. The use of noise reduction technology helps to deal with road noise. The result is a tire that is comfortable and very quiet.

Longer Treadlife

The presence of two steel belts inside the tire, coupled with the durable tread compound helps to ensure the longer lifespan of the tire. It’s also tough enough to withstand any surface. To top it up, Michelin has included a 90,000-mile warranty.


Michelin Defender is a fantastic all-season tire. Its performance is impressive given its price tag and is capable of competing with major tires in its class. The higher rolling resistance helps you to conserve fuel, which is an added advantage. The use of IntelliSipe technology helps to improve all-season traction without sacrificing comfort. Road noise is not an issue, which is something impressive with this model. It may not have a great tread life, but it will serve you for a reasonable time.

Comparison With Goodyear Assurance TripleTread All-Season

Goodyear Assurance TripleTread All-Season is a fantastic tire. It provides all-season traction and has a great life span. Cornering grip is also an area where this tire performs better. The aggressive tread pattern helps to improve stability and offer an on-centre feeling. It performs exceptionally well on wet surfaces, which helps to reduce the risks of hydroplaning.

Both tires provide excellent dry traction and handling. However, they differ on ride comfort as Michelin Defender beats Goodyear Assurance TripleTread All-Season to the race. Their performances on rough terrain are what set Defender above the TripleTread. There is a difference in prices, where Defender is slightly cheaper than TripleTread.


Michelin Defender is a fantastic tire that has an all-year-round performance. It has proven to perform better than most of the tires in its class. The support you get from Michelin is, and they will always be there to answer any question that you have.

Michelin Defender









  • Outstanding all-season traction
  • Responsive steering
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Affordable
  • Improved ride comfort


  • The manufacturers could improve cornering abilities