Michelin Premier LTX Review

There are only a few all-season tires that can compare to the Michelin Premier LTX. The company has done an incredible job in designing a high-performance all-season tire that can only be rivaled by a few brands. The tire is designed for SUVs, crossovers, light-duty trucks, and pickups.

Main Features Of The Michelin Premier LTX

Sunflower Oil

Michelin has used sunflower oil together with high contents of silica compound to increase the traction and grip of the tire. The chemical properties in the sunflower oil help to hold the tire molecules together, which helps to improve its traction on any surface.

EverGrip Technology

Michelin Premier LTX has an improved grip and traction compared to other tires in its class primarily because of the EverGrip technology. The cutting-edge technology combines with the symmetric tread pattern to give the tire optimum traction on wet and snow-covered surfaces.

Shorter Braking Distance

The majority of the tires have been experiencing problems with braking capabilities, especially on a wet surface. Michelin has handled this problem through the combination of EverGrip technology, symmetric tread pattern, and the tread grooves. The three work together to increase wet grip that enables the tire to have a shorter braking capability.

Longer Lifespan

The tire is designed with the tread grooves that allow new grooves to open up even when the tire wears down. The result is a tire that can perform exceptionally better even when it gets old. The tough tread compound also contributes to the lifespan of the tire and is designed to withstand any surface.

Exceptional Wet Surface Performance

The use of circumferential grooves and the tread grooves help to channel water away from the tire, which helps to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Exceptional Comfort and Noise Reduction

Michelin has included two steel belts that are wrapped with a polyester cord. The combination helps to improve the comfort of the ride, improve its lifespan, and help with improving steering response. Michelin has also managed to reduce road noise through its noise-reduction technology.


Michelin Premier LTX offers what other all-season tires in its class fail to provide. The improved features and outstanding performances enable it to stand out from the crowd. The use of cutting-edge technology when manufacturing this tire plays a crucial role in influencing its performances.

The EverGrip technology was used in the Premier A/S models and performed exceptionally well, which led to Michelin adopting it to the Premier LTX models. The tire has an excellent rough road performance and offers a comfortable ride on the same terrain.

Michelin believes in this model so much that they offer a 60,000-mile warranty with it. The tread life is impressive and can only be matched by a few brands.

If you have been searching for a tire that provides safety and comfort, you should try the Michelin Premier LTX model.

Comparison With Michelin Premier A/S

The two tires share a similar tough tread compound that can withstand any weather conditions. The manufacturers have also included sunflower oil in the two sets of tires, which helps to improve their traction. The Premier A/S performs better on wet and snow pavements just like the Premier LTX. However, the Premier A/S series are slightly cheaper compared to the Premier LTX.

Comfort is also another area where the two tires slightly differ as the Premier LTX has improved ride comfort that the Premier A/S. The use of two steel belts that are wrapped with nylon and the presence of the polyester cord body is what allows the Premier LTX to offer more comfort than the Premier A/S.


Michelin is known for producing high-quality tires. They test their products vigorously and decide on where to improve. Michelin Premier LTX is a perfect example of their quality work, and it has been received well by many people. The price is justified given the features that you get with the tire. If you need a proven all-season tire that will not disappoint in any way, make sure you try Michelin Premier LTX today. You can go here to check prices and get more details about this impressive tire.

Michelin Premier LTX









  • Exceptional balance
  • Very affordable
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Comes in different sizes


  • The manufacturer can improve snow traction