Pirelli Scorpion ATR Review

Are you searching for an all-terrain tire that is capable of performing on and off the road? You should try the Pirelli Scorpion ATR. Pirelli has been manufacturing some of the best tires in the market, and the Scorpion ATR is their best version of an all-terrain tire.

They have equipped it with some of the best features, such as improved traction to improve its performances. It was intended for SUVs, pickups, and larger crossovers. It has a smooth design that is unique and makes it stand out from its competitors.

Main Features Of The Pirelli Scorpion ATR

Outstanding Dry Traction

If there is an area where this tire performs better is on dry surfaces. The high silica content tread compound combines well with the symmetric tread pattern to help improve traction on this surface. It has an enhanced cornering ability which is something uncommon in the majority of all-terrain tires. Braking and handling performances have been enhanced through the use of radial shoulder grooves.

Excellent Wet and Snow Traction

The circumferential grooves combine well with the lateral grooves to expel water away from the tire, which helps to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The symmetric tread pattern helps to increase snow traction, even though this is not its strong area. It also has a shorter braking distance on wet surfaces, which helps to keep it above the rest in its class.

Impressive Handling and Steering Response

The tire handles pretty well on different surfaces, given its stability and balance. The steering response helps to increase ride safety and allow you to more control over your vehicle. The result is a tire that offers an on-center feeling during the ride.

Excellent Off-road Performances

Pirelli Scorpion ATR shines while driving off-road. The interlocked independent tread blocks help to improve its traction and grip on grass, rocky, sandy, and gravel terrains. The tire has a tough tread compound that protects it from any damage while driving on these terrains.

Comfortable and Quiet Ride

Even though it doesn’t offer the best ride comfort, but it does well for an all-terrain tire. The use of road noise reduction technology helps to keep the noise at minimal. The polyester cord body helps to support the sidewall, which in return improves the comfort of the ride.

A Strong and Durable Tire

The inclusion of two steel belts that are wrapped with nylon inside the tire helps to improve the strength and durability of the tire. The strong tread compound helps to improve the tread life of the tire as well. The manufacturers have included a 40,000-mile warranty with this model.


Pirelli Scorpion ATR performs as an all-terrain tire but also offers high performance on highways. The sporty tread design helps to accommodate street use, but will also hold its ground on light off-road like gravel and grassy terrains. It may not perform like other aggressive off-road tires, but it holds its ground when driving off-road.

The tire is capable of producing some of the best wet and snow traction, which is something the majority of the all-terrain tires fail to match. Braking and acceleration are above average. Tread life and durability is not bad either. However, the manufacturers should try and improve deep snow traction so that it can match other tires in its class.

Comparison With BFGoodrich TA KO2

Among the best all-terrain tires in the market, today is the BFGoodrich TA KO2. It’s equipped with the best features, such as mud traction, wet and snow traction, as well as braking and acceleration. The tire is known to perform outstandingly on harsh terrains such as rocky surfaces without sustaining any damages.

The tread compound is tough enough to last longer. The presence of the sidewall rubber compound that is two times thicker helps to protect it from punctures and other damages. The aggressive tread design helps to improve its performance on any surface, which makes it the best all-terrain tire.

However, the Pirelli Scorpion ATR offers more comfort and is very affordable compared to the BFGoodrich TA KO2.


If you need a simple and proven all-terrain tire that performs better on highways and off-road, you should get the Pirelli Scorpion ATR. It’s affordable, which means anyone can buy it and has a better tread life. You can learn more about this tire here and compare prices.

Pirelli Scorpion ATR









  • Impressive off-road performance
  • Better handling and steering response
  • Great highway performances
  • Quiet and comfortable ride


  • Deep snow traction should be improved