Toyo Celsius vs. Michelin Defender – A Head To Head Comparison

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Toyo and Michelin are two brands that are into manufacturing of tires. These brands make high quality and rugged tires and are consistently reaching new heights of success. There is no harm to make a comparison between these two tires so that we can figure out which one is the best. As every brand product have some strong and some week points.

Toyo Celsius and Michelin Defender are the most sought-after tires from each brand. This comparative article will settle the debate by comparing and reviewing each product from the company. You will be provided with pros and cons as well so that you can decide for yourself. But before we get into the product reviews let us look at the advantages and dis advantages of the tires from these two brands.

Head To Head: Toyo Celsius vs. Michelin Defender


Toyo Celsius features self-cleaning grooves to prevent water, slush, and snow, but this feature is not available in Michelin Defender.

Durability and Comfort

Michelin Defender offers you durability and longevity with good miles, but Toyo Celsius does not make such things clear. So, we can say you will get more comfort while riding with Michelin Defender tires.


Toyo Celsius and Michelin Defender tires both can run well on wet, dry, or snowy roads, so here we have a win-win.


Michelin Defender features multiple technologies such as IntelliSipe, Maxtouch construction, and comfort control. Also, these tires are quite affordable as compare to Toyo Celsius.

Let us focus on the negative aspect so that you can judge these two popular brands after considering all points.

Recommended Toyo Celsius tires

1. All-Season Radial tire CUV 235/55R17 103V CSCUV TL from Toyo Celsius

Toyo Celsius CUV provides you with not only year-round versatility but winter-weather safety. These tires boast of better snow traction than the usual tire so that winter cannot stop you from going from one place to another. A typical all-season tire cannot keep up with Celsius tires, which stops up to 31 feet shorter on snow.

These tires feature higher sipe density for excellent traction on snow. They also feature lower sipe density for traction on wet and dry roads. You will be impressed to know you can increase traction by removing slush and snow.


  • These tires are specially made for winter
  • Higher sipe density for snow
  • Lower sipe density for traction
  • You can remove slush and snow to increase traction


  • You will not get any fitments

2. All-Season Radial Tire CUV – 235/55-20 102H from Toyo CELSIUS

All season tires make sure you get ultimate traction with enhanced road grip. You will notice the asymmetric dual tread design that enhances traction for dry and wet roads. The tires feature multi-wave sipes for grip and the snow claws to block rigidity for enhanced snow traction while decreasing the road noise heard in the vehicle’s cabin. This model is designed with the three-mountain peak and snowflake symbol so that you can handle the harshest winter climate. The wide grooves make sure to prevent water and slush from below the tire footprint in all weather.

The tread pattern also features Alignment Indicators. Depending on the alignment, you get better functioning.

No doubt, these tires provide controllability in all-weather because the tread design contributes to effortless handling. When you are provided with these many features, then the result is an enjoyable driving experience.


  • Tread design for tractions
  • Wide grooves prevent water and slush
  • Tires can handle all-weather
  • Better controllability


  • It is quite expensive

Here’s what you can expect from Toyo Celsius tires:

Best Performance: Whether it is wet, dry or road mix with snow and whether it is any season consumer reports found out that Toyo Celsius tires outperform and delivers best results.

Recommended Michelin Defender Tires

Michelin Defender All-Season Tire 215/60R16 95H 

If you are looking for a longest-lasting premium all-season tire, Michelin Defender will be the right choice. The manufacturer boasts of 80,000 miles of the journey. You will be provided with three years of flat tire assistance.

Improved longevity will help your vehicle make extra miles because tires have stops up to 31 feet shorter than usual. Tires also feature specialized rain grooves to increase hydroplane resistance. The Defender T+H offers long-lasting comfort with all-season traction for coupes, sedans & crossovers. You can use replacement fitments for cars such as Honda Odyssey, Chevrolet Malibu, Toyota Sienna, Nissan Altima, Chrysler Town & Country, and Ford Focus.

The comfort control technology makes sure you get ride satisfaction while minimizing noise with the road. IntelliSipe technology is designed to maximize biting edges for exceptional grip. Not to mention, Maxtouch construction is designed to ensure the tire contact forces are evenly distributed, maximizing tread life. Also, the durable ever-tread compound provides you with long-lasting dependability.


  • Miles of uncompromised safety performance
  • The exceptional grip provided by IntelliSipe Technology
  • Designed to deliver a comfortable ride


  • Tires can be noisy
  • Low mileage after heavy use

Michelin Defender All-Season Radial Tire 215/65R16 98T 

If you are the person you always opt for a premium product; then these tires will not let you down. These tires have Maxtouch construction combined with the interlocking action of IntelliSipe technology so that you can get long wear life. The tires boast of exceptional tread block rigidity while minimizing the tire’s contact with the road during acceleration, braking, and taking a turn.

Thanks to the exceptional grip provided by IntelliSipe technology, you get to maximize the number of sipes within the tire, allowing you to brake confidently. The interlocking action of IntelliSipes makes a rigid tread block so that you get a lower rolling resistance to save fuel. These Michelin Defender tires offer exceptional safety, longevity, and a comfortable ride.


  • These tires have multiple technologies
  • The interlocking action make a rigid tread block


  • Low mileage

Here’s what to expect from Michelin defender tires:

  • Long lasting: Their construction is such that tire contact forces gets distributed evenly and hence the life of tires is increased.
  • Safety: Intellisipe technology brings all season traction and enhanced safety.

Toyo Celsius or Michelin Defender tire?

Both the tires are incredibly good and their performance is excellent. They do well on all types of surfaces and seasons. Since we have discussed their advantages in details let’s have a look at their disadvantages.

Toyo Celsius: Disadvantages

These tires will make a hole in your pocket if you have a tight budget. They are much expensive than Mechelin Defender.

Michelin defender: Disadvantages

Tires can be noisy. Also, there are chances of low mileage after heavy use.


We have provided you with the best information. Now the onus is on you to decide. As you can see, you will notice a significant difference between Toyo Celsius vs. Michelin Defender tires. Each one has the upper hand in some aspects of the other.

Toyo tires are expensive, but they provide you with quality. It does not mean you should look away from Micheline Defender tires even if they are less expensive, but they are equipped with multiple technologies. You should consider the pros and cons we have mentioned and make an informed choice.

As a final note, i would like to say that even though these tires perform well on snow, they aren’t that good for mud. That’s why, if you have an off-roading car, i recommend you get a set of mud tires for snow, because they will perform better in tricky situations.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference!

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