Toyo Versado Noir Review

Toyo has been one of the most prominent names in the tire manufacturing business, and the company has made quite a name for itself through the years, managing to stay on the top five of this extremely competitive market. While the manufacturer is known for delivering premium performance tires, now here we have a premium all-season touring tire, which promises to deliver great performance overall, great durability, and comfort, albeit at a steeper price than its competitors. Let’s take a look.

Target Audience

The manufacturer states that the Toyo Versado Noir is the premium all-season touring tire of their lineup for passenger sedans and coupes. Moving on the company promises 30 percent more tread life than most of its competitors, which is a bold claim, and on top of that, it offers better fuel efficiency, comfortable and quiet ride and traction for ages. While all this sounds too good to be true, you should remember that Toyo doesn’t disappoint and this one has a pretty steep price, so there is something behind that, which piqued my curiosity.

Specs and Features

Like I said the company claims that this is a premium tire, and premium tires are packed to the brim with features and deliver extensive spec sheets. The Toyo Versado Noir is no different, so let’s get going. First off I have to mention that this tire comes with a super impressive 80,000-mile tread warranty which is one of the best if not the very best in the market, tells you something about the trust put into these. I should mention that the Toyo Versado Noir comes in not the most extensive size range that spans from 15 to 18-inches and H, V or W speed ratings.

This tire has utilized an interesting silica tread compound that is mainly optimized for both added grip on dry and wet roads, and if we would trust the manufacturer it delivers better fuel efficiency because of that. Moving on the tire has an asymmetric tread pattern that combines rather well with the wide lateral grooves that have shown that they can improve cornering grip and handling regardless of the speed range.

It also has wide circumferential grooves and multi-wave sipes around the tread, which are placed and responsible for pushing the water away from under the tire, so you get better traction on rainy days, at least in theory. To make things better the manufacturer has also added biting edges for snow and ice, but I am not confident in that, to be honest. The SIlentWall technology should also do its job, and if I know anything about Toyo it will. Combined with the two steel belts that are laced with the polyester cord body for durability and strength I think that these tires will deliver what they promise. But then again let’s see.

First Impression

The first look at these tires doesn’t show anything interesting in particular, pretty regular touring tires. But I reckon they wouldn’t mess with the rim design of any model, and they would look good on any car.

I installed these on the BMW 330i, and I have to admit that they looked rather impressive and sharp. The first spin around the block proved right away that these tires are pretty silent and comfortable to drive on, but let’s see how they perform after a little wear.


I put on more than 15,000 miles on the Toyo Versado Noir’s and I think that I have a good amount of experience with them, and I have quite some words to say. one thing that impressed me the most which I was very skeptical was that this tire has one of the longest tread lives, even for more spirited drivers. The tires wear pretty evenly and they will last you a  long time without any doubt. I should also state that the overall comfort levels were very high regardless of the speed you are cruising at, and on top of that it was practically silent, even on highway speeds, definitely one of its strongest suits.

On-road performance of the Toyo Versado Noir is also exemplary. It can handle all your city, highway, and back road driving without any problem, especially in the dry. Amazing amount of traction and grip, cornering was exceptionally stable and the tires were pretty responsive just like you would expect from Toyo. Well, I have to say that they are not enough for taking the race track, but if you want a little challenge they can take whatever you throw at them.

On wet pavement these tires are pretty good as well, keeping contact with the asphalt at all times and there was no slipping. You will not experience wheel spins at all and overall I can say that it is extremely resistant to hydroplaning. The braking distance is amazing as well, keeping you and your car safe at all times. In the winter though, it was another scenario, not the best overall, but if you don’t have the roughest winters you can get through.


Well, here you have it the most durable and comfortable all-season tires for passenger sedans and coupes. The Toyo Versado Noir’s deliver a pleasant driving experience and overall I can confirm that these are a good set of tires that will please even the most nitpicky. While they can deliver a bit better traction and grip, they are exceptional generally, and they are worth their premium price.


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Toyo Versado Noir









  • Amazing comfort and low noise driving
  • Long tread life


  • A bit expensive